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DogDaz Zoo: Black Rider

threedogsnightFrische Luft schnappen by Francou97 on Flickr.
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DogDaz Zoo: Soaking Up The Sun


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DogDaz Zoo: Mom’s New Job


Mom started a new job last week.  Mommy worked from home, except when she was in another country, for the last 22 years.  So basically, we were able to be under foot all the time.  She walked the dogs during her lunch time, every day rain, snow, sleet or hail.  And we cats hung out on top of her computer and desk for years.  But, now all that has changed.  She has taken a job 90 minutes away by car.  She leaves at 5:30 am and feeds us at the unhumanly hour of 5 AM.  Even the dogs are not up at that time.

Mommy is worried about us since we are so used to someone being around all the time.  She hired a lady named Rachel to walk the dogs during the day (because they don’t know how to use a litter box like us smart cats) and she starts today.

Mommy is having separation anxiety.  We are not sure how to help her but Rachel said she will text Mommy and tell her how we all did.

Mommy is going to only post DogDaz Zoo pictures this week and not do any of the usual blog hops because she is trying to adjust to this new schedule and needs to calm down.

Maybe we can get Mom a thunder vest like Sofie’s for when she gets overwhelmed with worry about us animals.
Mommy thundershirt

Don’t go anywhere dear readers because DogDaz Zoo will keep posting everyday.  Mommy says that she loves us and she loves all her blog friends too and just needs to figure out her new schedule.

So for now, I’m in charge of the blog (which is the way it should be anyway!)  – Noel, the Christmas Cat, Queen of DogDazCats2

Noel in charge


A new morning at DogDaz Zoo <3 dogcat.gif


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Black and White Sunday: Autumn FurBall

Fall 07 Squash

Mister photogenic in fall 2007.  Squash E Bear looked his best in the fall when his winter coat started to come in.  Even people who don’t like dogs, loved Squash.  Autumn begins this week in the Northern Hemisphere.  Have a wonderful fall Sunday!  (or spring depending on where you are – LOL)


This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to Dachshund Nola and Sugar for hosting.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo <3


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DogDaz Zoo: Stag At Sunset


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DogDaz Zoo: Vogue

Source: corporation-cats

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Caturday: Dogs On The Floor bed

A moment from 2012.  Here at the Zoo, dogs must stay on the floor. We made this rule so that cats have an escape route. I know, however, that Sofie is up on the bed the minute we close the front door (because no cat would leave a warm spot that big).   Someday I think I will set up one of those Nanny cameras to really see what happens when we are gone.  This is just a ‘normal’ Saturday morning at the zoo.


I can not imagine a life without cats.

Happy Caturday.

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo <3


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