Caturday: Stalking Mom

19 Dec

Noel stalks me in bed at night. She is really starting to freak me out. There is nowhere to hide from her. I wake up and she is right up in my face or on the nightstand staring at me. If I pet her, she bites me. I am starting to get nervous.

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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5 responses to “Caturday: Stalking Mom

  1. Genevieve Petrillo

    December 19, 2020 at 09:19

    That can be scary! I lick Mom’s face and ears when she is sleeping sometimes. She says I will give her a heart attack one of these days.

    Love and middle-of-the-night-licks,

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    • dogdaz

      December 19, 2020 at 09:22

      Oh my! That would be bad. No night licking if you can help it. 🙀


  2. franhunne4u

    December 19, 2020 at 15:53

    I wonder if there is something behind this behaviour. Is it a new behaviour or has Noel always done it? Did you change anything about her routines?

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    • dogdaz

      December 19, 2020 at 16:31

      I removed the dog gate cats can now get to me at night. 🙀


      • franhunne4u

        December 19, 2020 at 17:15

        Something still doesn’t add up. But I’m no Jackson Galaxy.

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