Monday Mischief: My Brother



Mini Cooper loves her big brother, Nine, so much she never ever ever lets him go.

V shot these pictures in the bedroom.

No matter where he tries to hide she finds him and snuggles him.

I think he secretly likes it.

What mischief did you get into today.



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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Black and White Sunday: Have A Grate Day

What is it about heating grates and animals?

I would think that it would be really uncomfortable to lie my head on a metal thing blowing hot air. Actually, I can kind of understand the cats lying on them because they cover the grate with their whole body (especially Noel). I guess it is like a heating pad. But Sofie just sticks her head on it. I can never figure out these furballs.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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Caturday: ChaCha Kitties

This could not have been more purrfect if it was somehow faked.

Peanut caught Nine and Mini Cooper watching a squirrel.

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Today is National MUTT Day


That sure sounds like something Sofie would do.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤

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Wordless Wednesday: Rudolph’s Ready

ww-12-3-14 It’s starting to look a lot like Xmas.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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Monday Mischief: Sniffing Party


Sofie’s birthday party down by the water turned into a sniffing party. Though the sky was gray, it was kind of warm for November. Something really good must have been scenting the place over night because the girls were definitely onto something. Sofie got tired and decided she was going to take a short nap.

What mischief did you get into today?



This is a blog hop. I hopped it from MYBrownNewfies. Check them out for more mischief.


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Happy 6th Birthday, SOFIE BEAR


It has been an amazing 6 years with Sofie Bear. She came to us a puppy full of spit & vinegar. The rescue thought she was a Collie/Shepard mix and would be about 70 lbs. Looking back she was probably older than 12 weeks when we got her because she stayed small. I think she is a Sheltie/Mischief mix.

Sofie was a smiling, stubborn, and playful puppy. She always had an independent streak and was head strong. She and I did lots of training in the first 3 years.

It is hard to remember, because time goes so fast, but it was somewhere around 4 years old that her night terrors and separation horrors started. That changed her a lot. But this year we finally got things under control with love, medication, and more love.

Sofie is my silly, rolly-polly, best friend, bundle of fluff (who happens to have some door eating and thunder storm issues). She has taught me patience, unconditional love, and mostly to see the world through the simple heart of a trusting soul.  


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo❤


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