Caturday: The Lap

18 Feb

I sit in my recliner mostly these nights. Mini loves to sit on my lap. As a matter of fact, she requests a certain blanket on my lap so that she can be more comfortable.

Noel does not like to sit on anyone’s lap. However, she wants my attention. And, she wants all my attention on her. So she gets on the table next to the recliner and she paws at me constantly. She meows at me and then paws some more. She did once actually jump on my lap for a second to wake me up because I was not paying enough attention. But, it was only for a second. She did not stay.

Mini demands the lap. And this is why you cannot have more animals than you have hands. One for each.

Of course, there was that time when Jolie decided she also wanted my lap (usually she is on Louise’s bed on the floor sleeping or begging for food over by V).

Now that was interesting with 3 of them.

(Mini won, btw. Jolie left and Noel got confused so she ran down the hall to my office.)

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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