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Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop: Bella’s Family Must Go Overseas

So glad you are joining me today for the Dogs N Pawz Blog Hop called Tuesday’s Tails!  New posts go up on Tuesday but you can link up and post when you want all week-long.  The whole purpose is to feature cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. so when you link up is up to you!  Even pets from PetFinder, are fine.  Let’s just get them all homes!

Dogs N Pawz said “I also want to encourage all of you to share each other’s Tuesday’s Tails posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever other social media channels you use.  The more we share the more likely we are to get the word out!”


Let’s hop to it!  PLEASE SHARE: Bella’s family must move overseas and can not take her.  

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For more information on BELLA contact


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Welcome Miss Mini Cooper

Because there wasn’t enough craziness going on here at DogDaz Zoo, we added a new snuggler to the pride/pack.


Mini Cooper

I made the mistake of going to the pet store on Saturday. Now that I work outside the house during the week, weekends are the only time I have to get stuff done.  While looking for dog cookies, I sent V to get cat food.  MISTAKE!!  V bumped into a rescue group called Cats R Us and a wall of sweeties needing homes.  Shame on me! I know better than to take V to the pet store, ever, but never when there is an adoption event.  Welcome our newest snuggler.

Mini is sooooo small.  She weighs about 3 lbs, if that.  She was found with her siblings under a hedge in a grocery store parking lot back in June or July. She is the runt and was so underweight they thought she wouldn’t make it.  Her nice foster humans took care of her and now she is home with us.  Strong and feisty and ready to take over the world, soon.  Everyone is starting to pile up at the kitten room door. (You know my rule, a few days of smelling under the door before we have a formal introduction.)  Sofie doesn’t want to go for a walk because she knows that something new is in the house.  She just sits outside Mini’s door and whines and whines.

Yes, Mini Cooper is a little fancy car.  The rescue ran out of names so they started to name the kittens after cars.  I really liked her sister Bentley too.  They called her Minnie but we decided on Mini (or maybe MC).

I took a little video last night when we first got her home.  She was wild for the tag on her new bed. This girl is going to be a love.

And now we are six (4 cats, 2 dogs).  How many cats qualify me for a crazy cat lady and what mischief did you get into today?



This is a blog hop. I hopped it from Snoopy’s DogBlog. Check them out for more mischief.


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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