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DogDaz Zoo: My New Bros

This abandon endangered baby drill monkey has a great time with her Keeper’s 2 Jack Russell Terrier puppies.  We see wonderful friendships like this because of the power of the internet and learn about endangered animals that we would never otherwise know about.  I feel so lucky. – DogDaz


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DogDaz Zoo: Clean Plate Club


Mommy’s little beggers are hard to resist sometimes.  They are also a good prewash before I do the dishes, especially for sticky stuff.

Before I left we were sharing our usual morning peanut butter breakfast, they in their marrow bones, me, on a banana.  Louise always finishes first, then Sofie starts to whine because she wants more, so I give up and give them whatever is felt on my plate. 😉

I love my little beggers and miss them much.  ❤



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