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5.20.12 Fledglings

It is nearing the time that I have to let my little duckling fly on her own.  This weekend was Senior prom.  She is graduating high school soon and then she will be leaving to college,  I have spent years teaching my daughter to stand on her own, take responsibility, and fly.  It is just hard to close the chapter of childhood/parent and move into the next phase of the relationship.  Not that I don’t want to, I just miss the little girl.

Maybe that is why I have animals.  They may get older, but house pets are not able to be self reliant because of the situation. They depend on me for food, walking, things like that, and I like that.  Heck, I need that or I wouldn’t have 7 rescues I guess.

As the summer approaches I know that there are many changes on the horizon in my house. All the children will now be gone and it is just me, V, and the zoo. It helps to know that the animals will stick to the routine: feed, walk, cuddle, play, sleep (repeat). And me, well I will have to learn how to embrace the change….. maybe I’ll get another dog (NOT!)

   Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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