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DogDaz Zoo: Fluttering South for the Winter

9-22-16-butterfly-weed more-flutter-9-23-16

It is autumn now so the Monarch butterflies are passing through, maybe they’ll go all the way to Mexico. The Swallowtails will stay right here and another cycle of fluttering will start again in the spring. If you want to know where my eastern butterflies go in the winter -> click here. We love the ‘flutterbys’ and plant so that they will come and stay. The pool is surrounded by butterfly bushes (buddleia) and we have sedum and butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa), a form of milkweed. Monarch caterpillars ONLY eat milkweed. In fact, the monarch butterfly is also known as the “milkweed butterfly.” The milkweed plant provides all the nourishment the monarch needs to transform the Monarch caterpillar into the adult butterfly.

Hello, Autumn. See you next year, Flutterbys!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Saturday’s 36 Monarchs


36 Monarchs (by debbie_dicarlo)


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Friday’s Monarch

animals-animals-animals: Monarch (by Ennuipoet * FreeVerse Photography)

Monarch (by Ennuipoet * FreeVerse Photography)

The Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada down the east coast of the US every spring.  Since we are midway (Mid-Atlantic), sometimes we are lucky and some stay all summer in our butterfly bushes. – DogDaz


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