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DogDaz Zoo: Happy 9th Bday, Mini

Mini Cooper is one special cat. She is such a cuddle bug. She really needs to be on you, or at least near you. She loves other animals and just wants to be liked. She wished Charles would let her lay with him, but he says no. She doesn’t seem to mind Jolie but she does not try to cuddle with her. Nowadays she fights with Noel, but I think that is because she misses Mr. Nine so much and has still not gotten used to the fact that he is gone. We are so lucky to have her in our life. Happy Birthday, Mini Cooper.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo in 2016


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo in 2012


Do you know The Muffin Man?

Baby Nine

Mr Nine the Troublemaker

Stella Day 1 Feb 2012

Why do black dogs love to sit in the sun? Louise 2012

Louise, puppy Sofie, and Mojo Rising

It is great to be a puppy at the DogDaz Zoo

Noel the Blogger

Sharing toys with the puppy is hard, says Lulu


Whose carrot is it anyway?


Life is interesting on the street

Kitten Nine and Puppy Sofie are in love

Sofie: I want to be a cat so I can snack on the bed too!

Louise showing Sofie how to protect the backyard

OMG! Kitty is on my desk because no other cats are here (this never happened before).

Louise was the best girl ever!!!


Constance Kitty, Stella, Noel, Muffin, and Nine having a midnight snack

Memories are so heart-warming and wonderful – Stella is now 12, Noel is 16 and the rest have crossed the bridge.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Always Cats

There will always be cats. When we first moved into the house in 2001 we had 5 felines: Gertrude, Alice, The Muffin Man (Muffy), and the twin Russian Blues; Cuddles (who was anything but cuddly) and Zachary. When Alice, Cuddles, and Gertrude all crossed over the rainbow bridge, we adopted Constance Kitty and Noel, the Christmas cat, who were both special needs kitties. Connie only survived 5 years, but it was a great 5 years. She was one of the silliest cats and had a great sense of humor. Noel, who has no sense of humor, is still going strong at 16. Noel makes us laugh every day, but she doesn’t understand why. We just love them for who they are.

Connie & Squash’s Tail

Snack time at the Zoo

Noel & Connie 2008

Muffin in March 2009

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: 100 lbs of Fluff

These are some of the first pictures that I posted in November 2011 when DogDaz began. They are of my soul dog, Squash E. Bear. He left us in February 2010. I created the DogDaz Zoo blog partially as a way of trying to heal the giant hole he left. We lost four of our animal companions in 2010 which was a big blow (you can see them on the ANGEL page). Blogging is cathartic for me. My animal companions are a big piece of my heart and my soul, and writing about them takes me to a good place. If you would like to see some of the early stories, you can use the ARCHIVES box on the right side of the blog frame (it’s a dropdown box) and find months and years of stories and pictures. Or use the SEARCH THE BLOG box and type ‘squash.’

Squash & Me 2007

Squash E Bear, 2010, in his last year with us.

Sqaush E Bear, 2006, when he first came to live with us.


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Remembering Sofie

I can’t believe that it has already been a year since Sofie left us (1 year today). There is never a day that her presence isn’t felt in my heart. She was such a unique spirit and not having her here, in the house, in the yard, continues to feel odd. I know that Charles missed her terribly after she passed as did I. They say that time heals all wounds and what is a year in the scheme of time, so I will just have to give it more. I miss you Sofie Bear but know that you are out of pain and stress and anxiety. I hope you and Louise and Nine are all there on the bridge waiting for me.

Puppy Sofie

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Jolie’s 7th Bday!

It is hard to believe that we have only been with Jolie since July. She seems like such an integral part of the zoo. Every animal, even Stella, loves her. She is silly and loving and always hungry. I made her pictures mostly into cartoons for her bday. Happy 7th ‘Lil Bit. You make us all smile.

And what is the chance of having one love with a Valentine’s Day birthday? We have 2! Happy bday in heaven today, Mr. Nine. We miss you tons.

Sending flowers, candy, and treats to all our blog friends for Valentine’s Day! Let’s Party!



Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Not Good News for Charles


We thought Charles had a UTI so off to the vet we went. When he starts licking himself more than usual, that tends to be a sign.

As you can see in the picture above, Charlie was not too happy when the vet said she had to take him in the back and look at his privates.

Because Charles has a known heart murmur, she wanted to do an x-ray to see how his heart was doing. Well, we were surprised at what the x-ray told us.

First – Charles’ heart is enlarged. An ENLARGED HEART (dilated cardiomyopathy) is more common in large dogs (our luck). Not knowing the underlying cause we can’t say if it was because of an infection or some structural problem. Right now, we are just in watch mode due to other issues. From the x-ray, his lungs are clear (all that nice dark area around the heart in the ribs is the lungs), which means that they are not currently seeing congestive heart failure (which would be very bad). The vet said that you should be able to fit 3 hearts in that cavity.

Second – When they took the heart x-ray she notice that he has KIDNEY STONES (arrow above but see closer image below). This was an ‘incidental finding’ since she was actually x-raying his heart. According to, metabolic kidney stones, those that form due to some blood or urinary imbalance, are a bit more common than those from infection. The most common type is calcium oxalate. There are several different types of stones (we are learning). Stones tend to be a small dog thing but usually females. We are hoping they are not calcium oxalate but actually something called Struvite. That is a composite of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate and can be dissolved, where the calcium oxalate can’t.

Third – and most critical at the moment – was the finding of BLADDER STONES, and a ton of them. Again we have no idea what caused all these stones, but the poor man has a ton in his bladder. Some theories are that the stones are caused by bacterial infection, body metabolism, previous disease, or dietary factors, like a lack of certain vitamins. Like kidney stones, there are several types: struvite, urate, xanthine, cystine, and calcium oxalate. Our hope is that these are struvite stones because they are the easiest to deal with.

I know your next question is how does one deal with the stones. There are several options.

  1. Dietary Dissolution
  2. Surgical Removal
  3. Non-surgical urohydopropulsion
  4. Ultrasonic dissolution

First, we are trying dietary dissolution. He is on a special Royal Canin Urinary SO diet and absolutely nothing else. The hope is that this food will begin to dissolve the stones. If nothing else, the vet hopes that it will at least make no new ones grow. He is also on an antibiotic (because he probably does have a UTI which is what we thought). Luckily, so far, he likes the food. I mix both wet and dry. We are making sure that he is passing urine every time he goes to the bathroom because the biggest concern, especially with a male, is a urinary blockage because of the stones. The vet said we need to take him to ER immediately if that happens. We are blessed that there is an Animal ER in town.

We go back on June 24th for another x-ray to see what is going on. He seems less lethargic and happier the last week, so maybe the food is working. Beat your drums for him. He is going to need all your prayers.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Grateful Thanksgiving & 10th Blogaversary

Thanksgiving 11.14

This picture is from Thanksgiving 2014. Sofie and Louise were just young pups then.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! Take care of your pack.

This is also our 10 year blogaversary, DogDaz started in November 2011.

How blessed we are to have made so many wonderful blog friends over the years.

Thank you all.

I especially want to shout out to those pups and kitties (you know who you are) who have kept me going year after year with a comment and a hug. That has meant more than you will know. Some of you feel like old friends even though we have never physically met. We have watched each other get new furfamily and say goodbye to many.

Squash & Me 2007

My health isn’t the best and many weeks blogging is the last thing that I have the energy to do, but I know you are out there and if DogDaz can make at least one person smile, then my day has been a good one.

May 2013

Thankful and grateful – Your friends at the DogDaz Zoo: Lorian, Louise, Sofie Bear, Charles, Noel, Nine, Stella, and Mini Cooper

This is not just another day at the DogDaz Zoo ❤


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Memorial Day ’21: Soldier Dogs – Our 4-Legged Heros

Today in the United States we observe Memorial Day honoring our fallen heroes from all our wars. (Even one war is too many, I think.)

I am reposting this story from 2012 on Soldier Dogs. Those wonderful animals who were selected to serve our country along side our soldiers and performed, and still perform, an invaluable service to our nation.

From FastCompany:

These are some images from the book Soldier Dogs: The Four-Legged Heros of Iraq and Afghanistan and a quote:

Military Working Dogs play a crucial part in America’s armed services. The best known “Soldier Dog,” Cairo, put crucial canine skills to work in the SEAL Team Six operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. Other Military Working Dogs serve as everything from bomb sniffers to troop companions to search and rescue dogs (and also serve in darker roles, such as duty at Guantanamo Bay). Their handlers and trainers, devoted dog lovers down to a man, form an unusually close-knit fraternity within the military.

Dogs are not only our best friends, they are an incredible asset to our safety forces. Thank you to all the handlers and animals that keep us safe around the world.  – DogDaz



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