Caturday: Hanging With The Nomie

09 Apr

Gertrude and Cuddles were not friends. Cuddles, unlike her name, wasn’t really friends with anyone. She mostly lived in my bedroom and would paw-smack anyone who got too close to the bed

DSC01299In this rare photo moment in winter 2006, I caught Gert and Cuddie looking out the back door at the birds flitting in the bird bath on the deck. Somehow a common enemy brought them together.

Gertrude passed in 2007 and Cuddles in 2010.

We seal that backdoor in the winter to keep the draft out. The little solar gnome makes sure that we can see our way down the hall at night with his flickering light. I guess you could say that the cats were ‘Hanging with their ‘Nomie.’

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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4 responses to “Caturday: Hanging With The Nomie

  1. easyweimaraner

    April 9, 2016 at 04:20

    cats are eggs-perts when it comes to a brotherhood in arms :o) btw: I like the idea with the solar gnome, can I swipe the idea for our dark hallway? to turn the light on wakes the silvermistygrey mischief-maker and to wander through the darkness ends mostly with “ouch!” :o)

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    • dogdaz

      April 9, 2016 at 08:12

      We used to have a mermaid before nomie, but we could not change her light. Steal away. We have night lights everywhere to not wake the beasts.


  2. fredrieka

    April 9, 2016 at 07:04

    I would bark at that weird thing. Also at birds, squirrels well you get the drift

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