Black and White Sunday: Diluted Diluted Tortie

19 Dec

The sun beamed washed over Mini Cooper and diluted her already diluted tortie* coloring. When I turned it to black and white, you really see her stripping vs her coloring.

Diluted Tortie Cats

Tortie is short for “tortoiseshell”, a popular coat pattern seen on many cat breeds. In the world of cat fanciers, some coat colors elicit more curiosity than others. Tortoiseshell cats attract attention wherever they go.

Standard torties have a mix of orange and black fur, either finely interspersed (a brindle tortie), in big splodges (a patchwork tortie), or somewhere in between (just a tortoiseshell tortie!) Dilute tortie cats have a tortoiseshell coat pattern with one remarkable difference: instead of the striking, dark mix of orange and black, dilute tortoiseshell cats have a muted, almost blue and yellow color.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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