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Wonderful Wednesday: Bed Time With Charlie

Charles here. Did I tell you that I am the only dog in the zoo that is allowed on the bed? I am super special (or is it because sometimes I am mistaken for a cat?).

The big dogs can’t even get on the bed anymore even if they wanted to because they can’t jump that high and their hips don’t work. Mom has steps for me to climb because I really can’t get up by myself either, but they are little steps for me and the kitties.

Mom sometimes lifts Sofie on the bed in a thunderstorm (all 55 lbs of her) because she gets tired of sleeping on the floor to keep Sofie and Louise calm (not sure it works for Sofie but it does help Mom). Lulu hates being on the bed so Mom doesn’t even try with her 65 lbs of solid muscle.

Me, I love the bed. I have been told that my little 17 lb self becomes the size of a St. Bernard at night. Who, little me?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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