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Wonderful Wednesday: Cherry Time

Every year the pie just gets better and better. Happy Wednesday!


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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6.28.12 Louise and the Cherry Tree

Lulu likes the Cherry tree.  I worry that the dogs will eat the cherries and choke on the pits, but they don’t. She likes to sniff the cherry tree and also  sniffs the grape leaves a lot.  Not sure what she is smelling but whatever it is, she really likes it.  The little cherry tree is home to most of our bird houses.  It is the only tree in the yard with branches low enough for us to hang the little houses on.  Cherry tree gives us some really tart little berries, but they get sweeter the longer they last on the tree.  That is a problem however, since once they get ripe, in fly all the birds in the neighborhood, and “Puff,” the cherries are gone.  We are so lucky because we have cherries (for a moment) and raspberries (for about 2 weeks) and grapes (all summer but they are really sour). The raspberries are so wonderful and every morning when I take the dogs out back I pick a handful of berries and slowly taste the sweetness of each one, since they are a rare gift and they only last a short time.

We also got our first tomato the other day.  That was such a nice surprise. That was the ‘early girl’ which ripens sooner than the others.  The dogs don’t seem to care much about the vegetables, which is funny because they really like to play with the compost.  Veggies must only be fun when they are mushy and rotten.  The box turtles like to hide under the tomato bushes and always seem to help themselves to the bottom crop.  One plant for us and one for the animals, I always say.

Thank you ‘Cosmic Whatever,’ for giving me the fruits on the vine and Louise the Cherry Tree to sniff.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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