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DogDaz Zoo: The Encounter

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Three dogs in wheelchairs meet a horseshoe crab


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1.12.13 What do other people do?

Wow, it is hard to stay away from the blog for a week.  It makes me realize how addicted I am to the process of putting my thoughts down about the little furry ones and also reading all the fun things that people are saying and doing in their worlds.  I must say that it was kind of freeing not to have to meet the deadline of a postaday (which I had been doing for 14 months), because, sometimes, I did find that to be stressful, and that is not what I want this experience to be.  

IMG00522-20120115-1534I have been out of town on business all week so I have been crazy busy without blogging, but I have missed it. I wanted to tell you that life has changed here at the zoo a bit since I decided to take a week off.  Not just because we are still trying to get used to the loss of Miss Constance Kitty and The Muffin Man, which we feel every day, but because, I badly injured my knee last Friday (final diagnosis yet to be known) and currently I can not walk the dogs (or myself for that matter).  This has really complicated my life since I love to walk them.   It is hard enough for them with my travel schedule, because no one walks them when I am out of town (mostly they go in the yard and then to day care twice a week), but now, even I can not walk them.  I have 2 active puppies who love the time with me and also have the need for that type of exercise.  I am worried because Louise usually waits and will not do her business until I take her for a walk.   I have no idea how long before I can really walk far again and if I need surgery, ‘Oh Boy!’ that will really tie me down.  Should I hire a dog walker?  I know this is silly but I don’t really want to because I am jealous and want to be the one to be with them, but it needs to be about the dogs, not me.  

What do other people who can’t walk do?  Will the dogs get used to just being ‘yard dogs?’  Will they still love me? (I guess I am feeling a little low…)  What a weird post to restart my year but it is going to be a little different for a while.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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