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Wordy Wednesday: Whose Nose Is Better?

Noses are so interesting, I decided to do a small study of them.

Did you know that cats have about 80 to 200 million odor-sensitive olfactory receptor cells in their nose? That sounds pretty amazing since humans only have about 5 million. That makes a cat’s sense of smell significantly better than humans. Cats also have an organ on the top of their mouth which helps them smell (I bet you didn’t know that).

Dogs have about  150 to 300 million odor-sensitive olfactory receptor cell depending on the breed. Dog’s super ability to smell is enhanced by their long snouts and also by the structure of their brains which is wired for smelling hundreds of different scents all at the same time. Dogs also have an extra organ in their nasal passages to help pick up smells.

It is an interesting debate regarding who has a better smell ability, cats or dogs. The more I read on the internet, the more different articles disagreed.

Who do you think has the better smelling ability – cats or dogs?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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