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Wordless Wednesday: Garden Day

It is definitely spring and we are really enjoying being outdoors. We wish the kitties could come out into the garden with us too. Some dog (who will remain nameless) encouraged them to rip a hole in the expensive dog-nails proof screen and helped them to a moment on the deck. Mom was not happy especially since Nine’s adventure in the wild last year when he was gone for 2 days. Mini came through the hole, and being the sweet thing she is, walked up to V in the garage, wondering where all the fun was. That is how Mom found out about the new hole. This time, Nine stayed in the house. Maybe he remembered how scary the yard can be. Someone always seems to go wondering when Mom is not at her best. I guess the cats are just opportunists.

The days are getting longer and lighter. Even limpy Mom is coming out on the deck.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! – Louise, aka Lulu


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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