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DogDaz Zoo: KIDDING Around

I really want to know how people get these animals to do this?  The horse doesn’t seem to mind at all.  You have to be KIDDING me! – DogDaz

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DogDaz Zoo: A Goat Portrait


An Amusing Portrait Series That Captures the Distinct Personalities of Goats and Sheep


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8.5.12 Maddy & the Goat

I interrupt the daily zoo to bring you Madelyn Dawn, my most incredible 22 month old grandniece and the Goat.  Children and animals have this unspoken way of understanding each other.  I find it really interesting how animals know that young humans are different than older humans.  Do they smell of innocence?  Wonder?  Newness?  I love how this goat has focused in on her and it is as if they are having a secret moment.  I observed once as Squash played with a little toddler who was positioned behind him and kept wanting to play with his tail (and what a beautiful furry tail it was).  We were at a birthday party of a 5 year old, outside in a park and Squash did not know anyone.  He laid in a down position, as he tended to do, and swished his tail one way, and the baby would reach, and then the other way, just as the child would grab for it.  This went on for a really long time.  The child was laughing and laughing. Coincidence, or thoughtful play, who knows?  I believe that animals know that children are for playing.  Hope you had fun feeding the goats, Maddy girl, sure looks like Nanny enjoyed meeting you.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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