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Monday Mischief: Tomato Thief

Jolie discovered the tomato garden all on her own. I never had a dog that ate our tomatoes before. I read that they are fine for dogs to eat, just not too much because of the acid. She was very proud of herself. Now I guess I need to put a fence around the veggies. 

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Jolie’s Back Story

The story that we were told by the rescue:

  • They got a call from a Deacon of a church that a woman’s husband died and he had 4 small dogs in a kennel that she wanted nothing to do with.
  • The only dog that had been spayed or neutered was Jolie.
  • The woman gave away one of the dogs (to her grandmother?). The other 3 were taken into foster in February of this year.
  • They said she was a Yorkie mix on the paperwork. (She looks much more like a Shih Tzu than a Yorkie, but clearly, she is a mix of things (aren’t we all).)
  • They were supposedly allowed out of the kennel once a day. They were covered with urine and feces when they were rescued, so my assumption is that they lived in that situation for a very long time.
  • The foster said she was house trained, and then the day they were coming, they said ‘by the way, she tends to have accidents.’ It is clear she is not housetrained.

She came to us in the pouring rain and looked like a MOP with paws. She has the sweetest personality for someone who has been locked up for years. The adoption paperwork says her birthday is February 14, 2016  (which is the same day as our boy, Nine, the cat who just left us in March), but that would make her 6 1/2, not 5 1/2. What a very long time to live in those horrible conditions.

They were right about her personality. Mini Cooper, the cat, liked her immediately, Charles, the Pomchi, was OK with a youngster in the house (he’s 14), and after a week or so, even Noel, the Christmas Cat, at 15 1/2, decided that she was OK.

The first order of business was a haircut. After all the hair was gone, the MOP showed us her spots (she looks like an appaloosa). Such a difference. I think she really liked being freed from all those mats. Sonya, who groomed her, said that her feet are burned, most likely from standing in all that uric acid for so long. She doesn’t like them touched much and gave Sonya a fit to trim them, so I try to hold hands with her to get her comfortable with her feet being touched.

Jojo went to the Vet last Monday and we found that she had a fractured molar and several rotted teeth, is overweight at 21 pounds (should be 17 or 18), has an ear infection, some skin problems, and loves everyone. You know what that means: Cytopoint injection for the skin, ear drops twice a day, exercise, and an appointment in October (because that is our Vet dental month with a 10% discount) to fix the teeth.

Even though she is 6 1/2, it is like having a puppy because of her lack of training. I take her out, she pees, and then immediately comes in and pees on the rug. She does not like the feel of grass on her feet (is it totally new to her?) so I am teaching her that it is ok. When she is kenneled and I am not in her line of vision, she screams. There is a lot to learn in this world. She absolutely loves her walks in the morning and wants to constantly go outside with me (though she does nothing but sniff).

She is sweet and loving and happy. Now to teach her what a toy is and how to behave in public.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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