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Monday Mischief: Sending Prayers

No mischief today as we honor the passing of 2 great doggies and send prayers of healing to another.

Our neighborhood friend, Finnegan, who was a gentle giant and therapy dog passed this month. He will leave a large gap in the community pack.

Sadly, our California friend, Princess OG, who was her mother’s light on dark days, passed on as well. She was a great swimmer and hiking buddy and we know that she is smiling down on her family from the meadow above.

As their spirits rise over the rainbow bridge into the great meadow, may their humans find comfort in knowing they were loved by these special creatures and that they provided them with excellent lives full of love and cuddles.

Also please send extra prayers and healing wished to Louise’s BFF, Amy, whose bladder ruptured last week. She has suffered through 2 surgeries and will be forever changed, however, her family will provide her the support and care she will need as she hopefully returns home soon.

Amy with Louise and Sofie in the summer of 2014.

Louise does not care about, nor like, many dogs, but Amy has always been her best friend.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.19.13 Caturday: Gertrude’s Request


Sometimes I really miss Gertrude.  She was a very quiet cat.  She didn’t really interact with many people, or other animals for that matter, but she sure was vocal and bossy with me.  It was rare that she even came out of my office, but, as you can see, it was a Sunday, and I was reading the big paper on the table, so she figured she would get up there and push me around.  She was a very handy cat.  Gerty would always be ‘poking’ and ‘pushing’ me with her paw.  I figure that she was saying, “Mom, MOm, MOM!!!!  Don’t you see me?  I’m here and I want you to pay attention to me.  And only me!  MOM!!!! Are you listening?”

While I was away last week, K8 found this picture when she was cleaning her room and stuck it into the big picture I have of Squash E Bear next to my bed.  It was so sweet to come home and be reminded of a furry love that has passed.  Gertrude is gone 5 years now.  Sometimes I swear I still see her scampering down the hall into my office.  We don’t have any Calicos or long hairs at the moment, so it must be her.  I wonder if she is seating with my Mom in heaven (Mom passed away 12 years ago this week, which is maybe why I am reminiscing).  Past loves are always with me – just sometimes I feel a particular one more one day than another.

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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12.11.12 An Incredible Heart: Goodbye Muffy


I probably told you The Muffin Man’s story more than once, but his story was one well worth telling. He was one of those cats that made every human feel like they were the only one in the world to him: you were his special human (while he was in your lap). When V went to pick a cat out at the shelter, Muffin picked V, not the other way around. He had only one problem his whole life, his heart. He had heart trouble and was on daily medication and regular EKG exams. I guess his heart was so incredibly loving that it just kept ticking despite what the vets’ thought. I am sorry to tell you that The Muffin Man’s heart, after 18 years or so, could no longer beat. His physical being has left this earth and us. We will love you forever, Muffy. You will always be our Muffin Man.

This loss hurts like losing Squash did, there are just some furry companions that have extra special strings.

Now we are 5 at the zoo from 7.  This has been really hard.

NOT Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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