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DogDaz Zoo: Sofie Update – She’s Sleeping!


It took months, but I am glad to say (knock wood) that the current medicine, Clomicalm (1/2 tab 2X a day), is allowing her to sleep through the night. (Also using Adaptil spray on a bandanna every 4 hours.)  When she sleeps, Mommy sleeps (thank you thank you thank you).  She is known to break through all previous medicines, so I want to give it several weeks before I jump up and down with joy, but a few days of sleep, especially through the blizzard last weekend, makes a world of difference.  Understand that sleeping does not mean she is not anxious; just this morning, when I awoke at 5 AM, she was lying in bed panting.  There were no stressers that I was aware of, so I am still perplexed.

Now that we are sleeping better, I can start to address some of her stress behaviors and see if we can get separation anxiety, barking her head off at everything, and cat chasing, under control.   The Behaviorist has no recommendations at this point, so I guess I am on my own.  Gosh, I love this dog and have every hope that together, with modern chemistry, and significant love and training, we can find peace once again.

I will keep you updated.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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