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Wednesday’s Breakfast Surprise

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8.28.12 Signs Of Fall

This week has been wonderful for butterflies in the garden. I capture this shot of an Eastern Black Swallowtail on the grape right before Louise tried to eat it.   A Yellow Swallowtail actually landed on her and freaked her out a bit (it was cute but I could not get the camera out fast enough).

Butterfly on the Grape
August 2012

Sofie Chasing Butterlies

Both dogs don’t really understand flying insects very well.  I see them constantly trying to eat bees and jump after butterflies.  We also have these very large furry spiders that kind of encase the house in webs this time of year.  I was bringing in groceries the other evening and one swung down over the front door and caused me to drop the case of water that I was carrying and run.  I worry that one of the dogs will try to eat one of the spiders and die: they are really scary looking. 

V found a whole family of new born mice inside the extra vacuum we store in the garage the other day.  This is a sure sign of fall coming our way.  Mother Mouse must have come through the bottom bar and up the hose and had her babies in the inside bag (how smart is that?).  While V was working in the garage there was  this nibble nibble scratch scratch noise and upon closer inspection, unzipped the bag part of the vacuum, and all these little pink babies fell out.  They were quickly scooped up and placed back in the bag and brought outside, with the hope that Mother Mouse will move them somewhere else (outside please!).  I guess the Black Snake, who always leaves his skin on the garage shelves for us, will tell us where the mice are… because that is life in our garage in the late summer.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Tuesday’s DoorMouse



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