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Wonderful Wednesday: My Day With Grammie

Jolie here: Mom took me to visit Grammie. She is in a special place that helps her; it is called ‘assisted living.’ Grammie is going to be 98 and can’t get around like she used to. Even though she really is a cat person, she enjoyed my visit with her. I think I was pretty good with the old lady. I sat on her lap and I tried to kiss her.

Mom said if I get good at this old people stuff, maybe when the triple-demic quiets down, she will take me to visit old people more often. There was only one problem though: it was a million degrees in the room and I really started to fall asleep. I jumped on Grammie’s bed and took a nap while Mom did other stuff.

When Charles was a younger man (about 6 years ago when he first came to the Zoo), he visited Grammie too. But Charles is kind of set in his ways and isn’t really a lap guy. Charles is a ‘don’t pick me up’ and ‘don’t make me stay on your lap’ kind of dog.

I could really get into this visiting stuff. Unlike Charles, I love car rides, new people, snuggles, and of course, lots of treats. But turn down the thermostat!!!!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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