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DogDaz Zoo: Clumsy Penguins

Clumsy Penguins


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DogDaz Zoo: Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming!

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Wednesday’s Family

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Tuesday’s Chinstrap

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just about nothing makes me happier than 1) watching penguins JUMP out of the water and 2) watching penguins walk 🙂

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2.15.12 Fairy Penguins and Koala Bears

On this cold morning, I thought I would go to somewhere warm.  So, let’s go to Australia (where the season is opposite of me: I am north and it is winter and there it is summer).  In January 2010 I took a business trip to Australia and I made sure to experience some of the local wildlife (crazy to go that far if you are not going to see those things that you can not see anywhere else.)

On Phillip Island, southeast of Melbourne, I had the opportunity to experience the littlest penguins in the world, the Fairy (or Blue) Penguin, which can only be found in Australia or New Zealand.  A viewing area had been set up at the Phillip Island Nature Park to allow visitors to view the nightly “penguin parade.” There were lights and concrete stands for viewing. It was really cold when the sun went down, but after dusk, one my one, and then in small groups, the penguins came on land.  Because they are so little, and lots of things want to eat them, they only come on land in the dark (which makes sense to me).  They scurried along beside the fenced in area to get to their burrows in the rocky cliffs, and I was told, that some of them walk up to a mile to their little homes. For more info you can go to:

I also got to meet some very tired Koala bears.  It was the middle of the day, so they were taking their naps.  They were very big, so do not let these pictures fool you.  Koala’s are not actually bears at all but related to the Kangaroo.  If you want to see them in action go here:

I was kind of sad because I did not see any Kangaroos, but just as I was leaving the area, a few Wallabies came by and I did get to snap a few shots.  It was so excited.  They looked like Kangaroos so that was good enough for me.

Can you find the Joeys jumping?

I love to see things that you can not find in your own area.  This was such a magical experience.  I am hoping at some point to be able to return and maybe get to the Great Barrier Reef.  That was on the other side of the country, so there was no time.  I am feeling warmer now that I have taken you to the wonderful land of Australia.  The dogs would not have liked the Wallabies, I don’t think, since they jump so high, and I hear they kick too.  Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo. ❤


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