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DogDaz Zoo: Happy Birthday, Abe

Today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth President. Let’s learn more about his love for animals.

He loved cats and could play with them for hours. When asked if her husband had a hobby, Mary Todd Lincoln replied, “cats.” President Lincoln visited General Grant at City Point, Virginia in March of 1865. The civil war was drawing to a close and the enormous task of reuniting the country lay ahead, yet the President made time to care for three orphaned kittens. Abraham Lincoln noticed three stray kittens in the telegraph hut. Picking them up and placing them in his lap, he asked about their mother. When the President learned that the kittens’ mother was dead, he made sure the kittens would be fed and a good home found for them.

President Lincoln’s compassion extended to turkeys, too. Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation on October 3, 1863, setting aside the last Thursday of November, “as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise.” A turkey was sent to the White House for Thanksgiving dinner in 1863, and Tad, Lincoln’s son, named him Tom. Tad befriended the turkey and pleaded with his father to grant “Tom” a stay of execution. Abraham Lincoln took time out from a cabinet meeting to issue “an order of reprieve,” sparing the turkey’s life.

Mr. Lincoln’s compassion extended to dogs, too. Fido was a mixed breed with floppy ears and a yellowish coat. When fireworks and cannons announced Abraham Lincoln’s victory in the Presidential election of 1860, poor Fido was terrified. The Lincolns were worried that the long train trip to Washington, D.C., combined with loud noises, would terrify Fido. John and Frank Roll, two neighborhood boys, promised to take good care of Fido. Mr. Lincoln made them promise to let Fido inside the house whenever he scratched at the front door, never scold Fido for entering the house with muddy paws, and feed him if he came to the dinner table. The Lincolns gave the Rolls their sofa so Fido would feel at home! Did you know “Fido” is Latin? Fido is from “Fidelitas,” which translates as “faithful.”

Nanny and Nanko were White House goats. Tad and Willie liked to hitch the goats to carts or kitchen chairs and have the goats pull them through the White House. Both Nanny and Nanko liked to chew things. Nanny got in trouble for chewing up the flowers at the Old Soldier’s Home. Nanko got in trouble for chewing the bulbs planted by White House Gardener, John Watt.

The Lincolns also had rabbits and cats. Mr. Lincoln named his horse Old Bob. Old Bob was the rider-less horse with a pair of boots turned backward in the stirrups in Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace – National Park Service Kentucky

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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DogDaz Zoo: Happy Birthday to the Presidents

2016 Presidents

When Mom was a kid, she got both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays off separately as school holidays. It is not fair that someone in the government decided to combine them into one holiday instead of two.  We want both days off!!!! 

Well, if we can’t get both days off can we get every other Friday?

Happy birthday, George and Abe!  We appreciate the February break.  Mom gets a 3 day weekend which means: EXTRA WALKS! Yahoo!!

We Love when Mom is home to give us extra time –

You friends – Louise and Sofie Bear

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Happy Birthday, Mr.s Presidents

2016 Presidents

When Mom was a kid, she used to get both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays off as school holidays.  It is no fair that at some point the Federal government decided to combined them into one holiday instead of two.  We want both days off!!!!  Happy birthday Mr.s Presidents.  We appreciate the February break.  At least Mom gets one 3 day weekend.  Extra walks = yahooo!! – Louise and Sofie Bear

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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