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DogDaz Zoo: My First Daisy

Sometimes you just need to slow down and watch the wonder of small creatures. – DogDaz


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Tuesday’s Tails: So Many Piggies, So Little Time

So glad you are joining me today for the Dogs N Pawz Blog Hop called Tuesday’s Tails!  New posts go up on Tuesday but you can link up and post when you want all week-long.  The whole purpose is to feature cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc. so when you link up is up to you!  Even pets from PetFinder, are fine.  Let’s just get them all homes!

Dogs N Pawz said “I also want to encourage all of you to share each other’s Tuesday’s Tails posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever other social media channels you use.  The more we share the more likely we are to get the word out!”


Let’s hop to it!  Look at these 3 adorable lady guinea pigs.  Time to take them home!


Tuesday’s Tails pets can all be found at the Anne Arundel County Animal Control. For more information please call (410) 222-8900 (this is Annapolis, Maryland, USA).

Click here for the Pet of the Week Video

Click here to View ALL Pets Available for Adoption


TT 12.9.14


Please remember that all pets need loving homes. If you are looking for a new pet to take home and live in Maryland, please come visit the Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Animal Control today!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Popcorn Love

4gifs:   Hamster loves his popcorn


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DogDaz Zoo: I Love Mieces To Pieces


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DogDaz Zoo: Baaaaah!



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DogDaz Zoo: Party!!!


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DogDaz Zoo: Country Mouse

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Tuesday’s Guinea Pigs Forced to Share Carrot


Guinea Pigs Forced to Share Carrot

Charlie and Vladimir don’t get along. In fact, the guinea pig roommates have loathed one another for years.

“They met via Craigslist,” says Jim Sanchez, a mutual friend. “Vlad was looking for a roommate, and Charlie could make the rent. But immediately, he wasn’t thrilled about the way Charlie would throw his cedar shavings everywhere. It’s been tense ever since.”

Given their history, it was no surprise they weren’t thrilled to share a carrot on Monday morning.

“It was the last one in the fridge, and they were both starving,” says Sanchez. “Breakfast was awkward, to put it mildly.”

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Friday’s Brown Mouse

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Why you so cute?



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11.19.12 Pigstory #1: Sam

When I met V, along with 2 human kids, came 3 cats and a Guinea Pig named Sam. Now I was not a rodent person.  I never really got along well with my brother’s Gerbil that squeaked on that silly wheel all night, or my boyfriends, Teddy Bear Hamster, who used to escape all the time and once bit me.  (I did have a good time with a bunch of white mice in 5th grade but that is another story.) So, adding a strange smelly nervous thing like this to my pack was unfamiliar.  Over the 4 wonderful years that Sam was around, I grew to really enjoy the squealing when he saw me and the little nibbles of affection.. Sam was a very quiet and obedient pig.  He was very happy in his cage, and when he came out in the evening, we placed him in a plastic tub (think clean litter pan), and he would stay there and have his lettuce and parsley.  He stuck his nose over the edge occasionally and sniffed a cat, but never tried to get out of the tub (that is him in the picture with Zachary in 1999).  He was a sweet pig.  I figured we knew everything about Guinea Pigs after having him.  Well, was I naive. To be continued…..

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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