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Thursday’s Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe Hare- Little Guy (by NakedCountry)


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1.15.12 13:05: Don’t make me go out there!!

Colin Ross Jack: Dogwalk Snow Scene

I really do not want to get dressed and walk.  Sofie does not mind since she likes to just be out in the yard and run around and bark and do her business but Lulu does not like that idea, she demands her walk.  Getting dressed to go outside on a freezing day like today is really not fun.  Winter has been very nice in the Mid-Atlantic and I have gotten spoiled not to have to wear my face mask and 27 layers of clothes.  I bought Lulu a new sweater last night because I worry about her skinny little body with the single layer of hound hair (of course when I got it home I noticed it was ripped and it was the last one in her size – doesn’t it always happen that way).  I am always searching for that perfect dog walking gear for me in freezing weather that won’t cost a million dollars.  I have yet to find it.  My gloves are never good enough.  I have tried mittens but they don’t seem to do it either. I tried the ones that let your fingers come through and then have a little pocket that you can move back and forth (what a bother!).  I tried liners in my gloves.  I must have 20 different types of gloves in my box but none of them make me happy.

I wear this face mask thing called a Balaclava. It keeps me covered except for my eyes.  When it is ridiculously cold at night, I even take off my glasses (because they feel like hot steel going into my skin).  Those are the times I really have to trust the dogs to lead me.  It used to be funny because I would walk blind Sqaush E Bear without my glasses in the dark and he would be my leader:  Is that the blind leading the blind?  LOL

And, when it is really really really bad, now don’t laugh, I wear my terrycloth bathroom, which is down to the floor, under my coat.  That seems to be the only thing that really cuts the sting.

Snowball Smile

Now I love a nice snowy walk so don’t get me wrong and there is nothing like playing in the snow with a pack of dogs, but I don’t have any snow today, just wind and ice.  Well, here I go….  It’s just another freezing cold windy DogDaz afternoon at my house. ❤

For my football friends: Go RAVENS!


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1.12.11 11:59: Where’s Sofie?

Where's Sofie?

I have totally lost the battle (and my mind).  It snowed the other day. Actually, it slushed (you know that really wet stuff). It came down in big wet flakes for a while. This was Sofie’s first snow. At doggie bed time, I knew that I should just put her on a leash for her final pee because I never can get her to come back in, but oh no, I am the eternal optimist.  Well, it took 45 minutes to get that silly mutt (she is a mutt, so I can call her that) to come in. She played with the slush and basically hid and dug (her usual). Louise (my angel dog) comes back in immediately. She goes in her kennel (almost shuts the door by herself), puts her head down and goes right to sleep. But Sofie, oh not Sofie Bear!  When I finally got her in, she whined and whined because she wasn’t ready to go to sleep.  Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo. ❤

Sofie finally in bed asleep


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