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Black and White Sunday: The HEAT Is On

A nice Sunday nap after a hot spring (feels like summer) walk.

Have a wonderful Black & White Sunday!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

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Black and White Sunday: Zonked Out!

Louise Nap

After a romp in the tall snow, Lulu looks like a puppy.

Have a great Sunday!


This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to Dachshund Nola and Sugar for hosting.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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DogDaz Zoo: Power Napping


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7.19.12 The Art of Napping

The dogs love when we come back from a walk and they can stretch out on the office floor and on their dog bed and take a nap.  It is funny because I will turn around and Louise will be fast asleep on the dog bed.  Then I turn around again and Sofie has taken over the bed.  I didn’t really think about it until this picture but maybe they are to big for the dog bed.   Come to think of it they are usually half on the floor. Lil’ Sofie does look half off the mat here, doesn’t she?.  Their bed is a mess because shortly before they fell asleep they had some bone tucked underneath one of the sheets and were pulling the bed apart to free the bone.  (Silly dogs – I have been trying to teach them how to do ‘hospital corners,’ but they keep reminding me that they do not have thumbs to fold sheets properly.)  Sofie actually moves around a lot in her nap cycle.  She will start to sleep on the dog bed, then get up and lie right under my chair (so that I can not roll), then over by the door, then right outside the office door….  Louise pretty much stays put on the bed or floor, but occasionally she will lie under my desk with her head on the rollers of my chair.  There have been a few times, when I just can’t keep my eyes open during the day, I have lied on the dog bed with them and caught a nap myself for a few minutes.  Napping is an art that I just don’t have.  Another lesson that I really need to learn from the dogs.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.12.11 11:59: Where’s Sofie?

Where's Sofie?

I have totally lost the battle (and my mind).  It snowed the other day. Actually, it slushed (you know that really wet stuff). It came down in big wet flakes for a while. This was Sofie’s first snow. At doggie bed time, I knew that I should just put her on a leash for her final pee because I never can get her to come back in, but oh no, I am the eternal optimist.  Well, it took 45 minutes to get that silly mutt (she is a mutt, so I can call her that) to come in. She played with the slush and basically hid and dug (her usual). Louise (my angel dog) comes back in immediately. She goes in her kennel (almost shuts the door by herself), puts her head down and goes right to sleep. But Sofie, oh not Sofie Bear!  When I finally got her in, she whined and whined because she wasn’t ready to go to sleep.  Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo. ❤

Sofie finally in bed asleep


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1.4.12 20:37: Lulu’s Chair

So Louise just came rushing into the office, nosed my leg, and ran away.  She had been sleeping in the den on the couch with my daughter most of the evening.  There are only a few places that she is allowed on furniture:  the den couch, ‘her’ chair in my office (though she likes to be in mine), my daughter’s bed, or she can be on the ottoman next to my bed (which I put there for her so she could be off the ground, nearer to me, but not actually on the bed).  I used to allow my dogs to sleep on the bed but when I remarried those rules changed (I married a cat person, not a dog person).  So, I had to retrain the dog not to be on furniture.  It actually worked fine since Nikki, my Cocker Spaniel, was already old when we moved here and could not get on things anyway.  Then when Squash came, he never even tried to get up on any furniture.  When I got Louise I trained her that the floor was her domain but my daughter allowed her on her bed, unbeknownst to me at first, and then it became a habit.  Then, to keep her from stealing my office chair, I gave her a chair in my office.  Then she started to snuggle on the couch with me in MY den (only my daughter and I use it) but not in the family living room (that we all use).  Are you getting the picture?  Well the other day I came out of my office and V was fast asleep on the living room couch and Louise was asleep on the other living room couch: what V doesn’t know won’t hurt anyone, right?  So the question of the days is….  can you teach dogs that it is OK to go on some furniture pieces put not on others?  and the other question I have is…. can you have different rules for one dog then you have for another in the same house?  Like can Louise go on a certain chair but Sofie can’t?  (Not that I would do that but I am just asking the question.).  Well Louise is back and I am sensing she wants to go outside so I better listen.  Just another DogDaz evening at my house. ❤

Louise on my office chair

Louise on her office chair

Louise is too big for her chair


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1.2.12 19:40: Herding Cats

Put the dogs in day care today.  What a wonderful and lucky thing that is.  They so enjoy spending the day running with all the other doggies in a safe and structured environment and I don’t have to keep them locked up all day because I am not home.  It is so funny when they get in the car because they both have to tell me all about their day. When they are this wound up when they get home however, they drive the poor cats crazy.  They just continue the running for about an hour.  It took me awhile to realize that Sofie (part Sheltie/Corgie maybe) was actually trying to herd the cats.  Well, the cats just don’t like that idea at all.  Now everyone is zonked out, fast asleep on their dog bed on the office floor (with Noel the Christmas cat in her pink bed on my desk).  Funny how this day started with a blog about sleep and is ending with them all sleeping.  Just another DogDaz evening her at my house. ❤

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Noel sleeping in the window

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1.2.12 6.05

Ok, so let’s talk about sleep.  I read somewhere that cats sleep about 18 hours a day and I can absolutely attest to that.  But dogs?  Is there an average amount of sleep that they need?  I know that I have trained my dogs to sleep based on my work and life cycle.  They go to bed at 9:15 PM (21:15) (arbitrary choice but it is the same thing I used to do with the kids when they were little) and get up with me at 5:50 AM (no choice, I have to get going).  My dogs are in closed kennels at night (please don’t tell Louise that her door is closed but not locked. she likes the safety of it all) so that they don’t eat some cat during the night, or more so, something that they shouldn’t that could hurt them, Sofie actually goes to her kennel and falls asleep outside the door quite often.  I have to keep the kennel doors closed at all times because some stupid cat (probably Miss Constance Kitty) likes to pee on dog beds, so the dogs can’t just go in them at will.  Sofie does not like going into her kennel but she likes to be next to it.  She actually does not like to go into anything (but that is another story) but will go ‘nite, nite,’ with reluctance.  Louise on the other hand LOVES her kennel and goes right in, lies down, closes her eyes, and goes right to sleep.  I am sure that different animals, just like people, need different amounts of sleep.  I don’t sleep much: I haven’t slept more then 4 hours at a time in about 30 years (OK, don’t go there, I know it is probably not a good things but I am used to it).  I am worried sometimes that my schedule is not the best for the animals.  I do cover the cages so that they dogs can not see me get up, however, I think they are tied to my breathing (I know the cats are) and they can sense when I am awake.  For years, I had older dogs or puppies who would wake me in the middle of the night to pee.  Oh yes, there were children who did that too for many years.  Well, the dogs have finished their breakfast and are now sleeping in my office while I type (nice that they get a nap).  So, how much sleep does an average dog need?  I see an internet search coming on.  Maybe after my second cup of coffee.  Just another DogDaz morning,

Napping on the office bed

Napping with a smile

Puppy Louise napping on deck
Napping in the car
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