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7.6.12 Peanut is 18 today!

My human baby is 18 today.  It makes me reflect on so many things.  On all the wonderful years that I have had being her Mom and watching her turn into this incredible young person that is about to go off and take on the world.  The greatest gift I ever received from the universe was my daughter.  She is my only child, so I can not say what it would be like to have more than one.  Though I tried.  But the universe told me that this one was enough.  I have step kids who really are great, but they do not consider me their mother (and I am not), so it is different.  

When you are an adult you live your life based on years of decisions about your values and what is important to you.  As you raise your children you pass on these things, but they receive them in their own way, and as part of their growing vs as something they decide when they get older.  My daughter is a vegan, Peta, don’t kill anything, recycle everything, and save the world, kind of girl.  She is going to major in ‘creating world peace’ and wants to go fix all the wars and the hate.  She would like to intern for Greenpeace to save the whales, after she is done at the United Nations saving the humans.  

All I can say is, YOU LEARN WHAT YOU LIVE.  When you grow up surrounded by love and faith and service and furry animals, no matter what you do once you leave home, that will always be the base of who you are. 

Happy 18th Birthday Peanut.  Spread your wings and fly to the moon and back.  Your Mother will always be right here standing behind you (just remember to call sometimes – LOL).

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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