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DogDaz Zoo: Honor Those That Keep Us Free

This Memorial Day in the United States, please remember to honor our troops, our vets, and our fallen. Freedom costs us so much. Never take it for granted.

In loving memory of my Dad a US Army Sargeant in World War II. He never talked about it much, but was proud to serve. Came home with a bullet in his leg for the rest of his life. Dad refused the ‘Purple Heart’ medal*, as thousands of other soldiers did during that war, because he did not feel he earned it after seeing how badly wounded other’s were.

*More than a million Purple Hearts have been awarded since General Washington’s Badge of Military Merit was revived in 1932.  The unique heart-shaped decoration continues to widely recognized by Americans.  It also continues to be prized by all who receive it, probably because the award of a Purple Heart does not depend on any superior’s favor or approval.  After all, the Purple Heart is unique as an egalitarian award in what is usually thought of as a nondemocratic, hierarchical military organization, since every man or woman in uniform who sheds blood or receives a qualifying injury while defending the nation receives the Purple Heart regardless of position, rank, status, or popularity.- ArmyHistory

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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Military Working Dogs Reclassified !!!



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