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8.15.12 The DOGDAZ of Summer

How do you keep two young dogs busy in the middle of the day, while you are trying to work, and it is toooo hot out for them to really run around, but they are tired of all their toys and just want human interaction, of which you do not have the time or energy to give them?  Louise has started doing something that she used to do when she was little but I thought that I had cured her of: she comes up under my mousing hand while I am at my desk and she keeps pushing my hand with her head so that I can not compute.  Cute, but not cute.  Sofie just whines at everything.  Yes this has been a really long summer and I have been on the road a lot, which means, not home with the furries to keep them in their usual busy routine.  I think everyone here is ready for fall to come so that we get back to a later walk in the morning (because it won’t be so hot) and more time for play in the afternoon outside (because it won’t be so hot).  Though I play with them in the house in the afternoon, it is just not the same.  I bought them new antlers and that seems to keep them occupied for a little, but you can only chew for so long.  I guess we are in the DogDaz (pun on dog days – get it?) of summer.

Did you know that the term ‘Dog Days of Summer,’  which people usually relate to hot and humid weather, actually is about the ‘dog’ star Sirius.  Sirius, is part of the Northern Hemisphere winter constellation Canis Major, which in latin means ‘greater dog.’  For us here in the north, Sirius is the brightest star in the winter sky.  The Romans (you have to love these folks for all the wonderful stories they gave us) thought that Sirius actually produced enough heat to warm the earth because in the summer months it rises and sets with the sun, thus boosting the heat making of the sun and making everything much hotter.  So, I am really glad to know that DOGDAZ is part of the ‘greater dog’ and has a really ‘Sirius’ connection to the universe. (Yes, I know puns are the lowest form of humor, but I thought it was funny,)

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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