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Wonderful Wednesday: Cats & Dogs Can Coexist

Mini Cooper thinks she is a dog. She has always hung with the dogs and wants to be wherever they are. This collage, from 2014 just makes me smile. There is kitten Mini laying on the couch in the middle of Louise and Sofie.

Actually, all our cats love Louise; she is just that kind of soul.

Sofie is a different matter, as she has gotten older, and more anxious, she chases them away from her toys. They have learned that staying away from her is the best idea.

Nine making nice to Louise

Most cats can do fine with dogs if introduced the right way. You need to go slow and first make sure that neither animal is aggressive or frightened of the other. Then, if you keep giving them some time together several times a day, things usually work out.

I do want to point out that here at the Zoo we have several cat-only spaces and always try to provide ways for them to get away from the dogs quickly, even after all these years as a multi-animal household. You never know when someone will get stupid.

Are your pets pals?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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