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10.9.12 Virtual Dog Park Ping Back Challenge

I was out wondering the blogroll and I came upon Lulu’s brother from another mother, Doggy.  Don’t they look like they would be great virtual friends.  So I am taking Louise to the virtual dog park and I am hoping that Doggy will be there to play.  If you haven’t seen Doggy’s virtual home it has a new look and maybe he really needs a good run after his human spent so much time cleaning and reorganizing.

Happy Louise

Does your dog have a virtual twin?  I challenge you to do the following:

Happy Doggy

1.  Find another blog dog (or cat, or guinea pig, rabbit, OK any ‘pet’) and clip a picture from their page that looks like your fluffy love.

2.  Post the 2 pictures side by side, like I did here.

3.  Comment back to DogDaz on your post, so that I know your fluffy has enter the virtual dog park.

4.  Have fun playing (but do remember to pick up any garbage before you leave).

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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9.2.12 Bad Mommy – But Sofie’s Ok

I am lacking inspiration and yes, I know why, but still it is hard to get moving on anything.  It doesn’t help that the heat has returned and it is really unpleasant to be outside.  So the dogs and I took a trip to PetSmart to return 2 big bags of kitten food that the kittens no longer need and to buy some new cat food and of course to get them treats.  I was actually very excited about taking them on an adventure because we have not done that much the last few weeks.  When we got to the store, I figured that I would be safe and I backed the truck up to the curb, so that when I let the dogs out, there would be less of a chance of them running into traffic.  Well, you know how in parking lots that have those cement bumps on the ground for cars to park against, I think they have some special name like… “curb stops,” or something.  When I opened the back door of the truck, the dogs were good and stayed until I told them to come out, but when Sofie jumped down she landed right on that cement bump and then proceeded to careen into the real curb, which was only 6″ or so away, and landed chin first. I was initially worried that she lost a tooth, but she appeared just dazed and did not whine or cry.  So, being the ‘let’s just keep going no matter what,’ kind of person, I went into the store with them.  It was about 5 minutes later, as we were admiring the guinea pigs (Note: please go to animal rescue (even guinea pigs), do not buy live animals from pet stores unless they are from an animal charity), that I realized she was bleeding all over the place.  She had really scraped her chin bad.  Thank goodness she did not loss any teeth.  I swapped her down with a tissue but then went to the in store vet and asked them for some wet guise to clean her up.  She did not like me touching it, but otherwise was ok and wanted to sniff and explore.  We had a great exploration of the store, got 2 new eggcrate beds for their kennels, and a new rope toy.  Did you notice how you always spend more money if your kids are with you in the grocery store (really, they have scientifically proven this to be true), well I absolutely spent more money because the dogs were with me in the pet store (or was it because I was suffering from Mommy guilt because one of my furries got hurt.)  Good thing the cats weren’t with us or I would be broke.

“Lulu, I got a boo boo, can you make it feel better?” – Sofie Bear

Post Script:  Sofie does not want me to touch the boo boo, but I have been trying to put antibiotic cream on it.  She has been licking her paws a lot and I think that is because she is trying to rub it.  She also won’t let me take a picture for you to see.  But she is fine.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

“No Mommy – I do not want you to touch the boo boo and I really do not want you to take any pictures of it!”


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8.20.12 Change Is In The Air

Squash E Bear
Fall 2007

This weekend I was missing Squash E Bear a great deal.  He will be gone 2 years in February. Now you know I love my current dogs. Louise and Sofie, very much, and I have had many wonderful dogs and cats and guinea pigs over the years.  But every couple of month I just really miss Squash.  I think it is weird because Nikki, my Cocker Spaniel, who I adored, was with me for 18 years, but she does not come to mind with the ‘missing’ that I feel for Squashy.  Squash was rescued already middle aged, he was with me only 5 years, and he was a medical handful because of the twice a day insulin shots he needed for his brittle Diabetes and the overall care when he went totally blind.  However, I think Squash was so easy.  He and I walked off lead most of the time (when he could still see) and he stayed within reach (in the woods he would walk in the trees and I would walk on the trail but we were always in cadence.) Squash never barked unless he had something urgent to say (which was not often) or he was telling a joke (which he liked to do while rolling on his back and laughing). He loved to travel with me and filled the backseat of my Prius with his 90 lbs of fluff and would just lay down and stay there for long rides anywhere.  The only time I saw him angry was when my neighbor’s aggressive dog came running out of the house toward a member of the family while he was on leash.  Oh yeah, he did like to be a little too dominant at the dog park.  He would find one beautiful ‘bitch’ that he liked and then would not let any other dogs near her.  Squash would proceed to place his paw over top of any male dog that might come to close. (We did not go to the dog park much for obvious reasons).  Ok, so he did have a few quarks.  I guess maybe it is the impending changes in my life this week, with Peanut leaving to college for the first time and K8 going back, which means V and I will be ’empty nesters’ for the first time ever – if you can call having 28 paws (7 animals multiplied by 4 paws) to take care of ’empty.’  Or is it just that Squash and I enjoyed our fall walks so much?  Change is in the air.

Squash Fall 07

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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7.10.12 Kitty Goes to the Spa

I have to take Peanut to her 3 day college orientation in New York this week. It’s about 5 hours away (actually she is going to school about 15 minutes from where I grew up – isn’t that cool). I talked V and K8 into coming with us since they’ve never seen NYC.  The 7 animals must stay home of course, so we had to make creative arrangements.  The dogs will be spending the week with 5 of their dog friends at Sonja’s house, the dog sitter. This way the can stay cool and safe and play at the same time.  I have never kenneled any of my animals overnight, it just makes more sense to me to have them stay in a house with someone. One of K8’s friends is going to house sit for us to take care of the cats (and the house, of course).

We have a dilema though because of Miss Constance Kitty and her peeing problem.  We did not want to leave someone to have to deal with the damage she can do on a daily basis if not watched and carefully managed.  So she is going to a private kitty spa (aka much to expensive boarding kennel). OMG This place is amazing.  I had to tell the sales girl on the phone to stop giving me the ‘how wonderful we are’ chatter and just tell me what it was going to cost. They have 3 different choices for cats: regular, deluxe. or even a suite.  I could not believe they asked me if I wanted them to give her special tuna treats and bottled water every evening.  Heck, I don’t even get tuna treats!  I decided on the deluxe kitty condo (2 floors) with litter on the lower level and sleeping on the upper.  I got her the deluxe because she is going to be there for a week and it has a window to see the world (and I hate doing this so I feel guilty, etc etc).  Peanut says that Miss Kitty won’t want to come home.  It is hard enough for us, the owners, to take care of all our animals at this point because of certain, shall I say ‘idiosyncrasies,’ so this seemed like the best solution.

Dogwood Acres Kitty Condos

Now I remember why we haven’t gone away together as a family in a long time – who can afford all the animal care?

Years ago, when we had the Guinea Pigs, we used to sneak them into the hotels with us and then just never let maid service clean the room. We had some well-traveled piggies. Those were the days when the zoo was up to 11 animals but it seemed more manageable for some reason.  Dog went to dog sitter, we had a house/cat sitter, and piggies came with us.

Tuna treats and bottled water – really?!?  I was waiting for the Spa to offer her the evening massage rubdown for an extra $1.000.  Oh boy!

PS – My sister wanted me to tell any would be robbers that the house sitter carries a gun!  Just saying.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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4.4.12 Tumbleweed

Can I take a nap, Mommy?

I try and wash the sheets on the dog bed in my office as often as I remember to.  The dogs like to help me change the dog bed sheets.  Sofie wanted to take a nap before I was finished putting the clean sheets back on.  Oh well, she was toooo cute to say no to.

In a house with multiple pets (and humans), it is basically impossible to manage the hair.  I have always told the kids to tell any friends that might be coming over to (1) take their allergy medicine, if they need it, and (2) don’t wear black.  Now you know, I always wear black and I have a lint roller in every car and purse, and stationed at every exit.


Trying to control animal hair in my house is like trying to control tumble weeds in the desert – good luck with that!  I even bought that fancy Animal vacuum when it came out and….. I am not impressed.  What I have learned is that the short haired animals in my house seem to shed a great deal more then the long hairs (both cats and dogs).  The Guinea Pigs used to shed a lot too, but mostly that was contained.  Louise is a constant shedder.  There is black lab hairs everywhere, all the time, even after you just swept or vacuumed.   Cat hair – OMG!! – I can run the vacuum down the hall, and by the time I am back in the living room, it has to be done all over again.

I pulled a pencil out of my pencil cup this morning on my desk and the eraser had all this white Noel fur on it.  (She lives on my desk most of the time, remember.)

I wash the dog’s kennel bedding once a week too.  I guess I probably should do it more, but they are never really dirty when the go to sleep (who am I kidding, they are dogs and they walk in dirt all the time!)  I guess if I saved all the hair when I brushed them and around the house, I could probably go into the hair pillow business, but then, I figure most of you have enough of your own pet hair to make pillows with.

Models wearing animal hairdos

Oh did I mention all the long curly human hair in the house too.  Well, that is for another blog.

Just another DogDaz morning at my house. 


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