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4.10.12 Lessons From Squash

Squash E. Bear (RIP 2011), was the ultimate gentle dog.  He very rarely questioned what he was asked to do, always let ladies go first (even when it had to do with food), and protected and blessed this family from the day he wondered into our lives.  When you rescue animals you really never know their stories.  You can make them up in your head, you can look at their scars and their phobias, but, in the end you just have to accept them as they are, and for who they are.  I believe that people and animals come into my life at particular times on my journey for lessons that I need to learn to move forward.  If I don’t open myself to those lessons, then I will just keep repeating the behavior that needs to change, until I do.  I do not think that I can actually choose the lessons or the teachers, they chose me, at the times that they are needed.  Squash chose our family at a moment in time when we needed the gentle and loyal energy of this unconditional loving giant.  He taught me to refocus on the importance of a good walk 2 or 3 times a day (no matter what the weather).  A good romp in the woods when possible.  Eating to stay healthy (his blood sugar had to be constant).  Taking one’s medicine even if we don’t want to (he needed 2 shots a day of insulin). Trust (I was his eyes for several years and he trusted me so much that we could walk together in the woods off leash and he never got afraid or hurt).  Loving with abandon.  Laughing and telling good jokes (he would stand on the other side of the coffee table and let out a big burp when least expected – you just have to laugh).   I am grateful for the people and animals that pass my way, some for a moment, some for a life time.

Just another DogDaz morning at my house ❤ 


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