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1.18.13 Follow-Up Friday

Catching you up on this and that is what Follow-up Friday is about:  

The knees. (What Do Other People Do?)  Still waiting for MRI.  Don’t understand why it takes 2 weeks to get authorization, but it is a good thing that I am a patient person.  I assume if I was bleeding out, they would just let rigor mortis set in.  I have an appointment with Surgeon next week.  Probably tore the meniscus, but with all the arthritis in my knees, this could be a long road back.  But anyway, the dogs have decided that they need to protect my knees and immediately, upon returning home from my trip, had to find ways to both apply pressure to each one.  


I am absolutely enforcing the ‘don’t run down the stairs before the human’ rule (which sometimes I am lax about).  They must stay at the top of the stairs until my cane and my legs get down to the bottom, or I do let them go before I even start (I figure that is safer for all).  Nine, the Mancat, has taken to throwing his full little body on the steps when I am coming up, and now he has also been added to the obstacles to be avoided.  

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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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