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DogDaz Zoo: Happy Bday, Sofie Bear

How do 7 years fly by so quickly? Didn’t I just bring this scrappy little puppy home in a rubber tub (because I didn’t have a crate for the car)? Sofie is a smiler. Despite everything that goes on in her anxious little head, she always wants to roll and smile at me. If there is one dog that has taught me a ton of lessons it is you, Sofie Bear. Patience is the biggest lesson and listening to what a dog needs. Thank you for teaching me to be a better dog parent. Happy 7th Birthday, Soda Pop!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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2.1.13 Follow Up Friday: MishMash

Louise headMom has been away in North Carolina all week on business, but the blog rolls on.  She has been monitoring our activities and left me, Louise, to follow-up (you didn’t think she was going to leave Sofie in charge, did you?).

First I will catch you up on Caturday: people thought that Baby Stella was really cute in her picture.  Well, she is kind of pretty… for a cat.  She doesn’t really like me and Sofie much though.  I am sure that has nothing to do with the fact that Sofie chases her down the hall all the time.  

The Black and White Sunday Blog Hop got lots of nice feedback on us playing with a toy on the deck.   I try to teach Sofie the proper way to mouth a toy, but she does not listen.

For Monday Mischief, Mom did some weird witchy magic that made us change color and everyone loved it.  But don’t worry, it isn’t permanent.  We like being just the way they are.  Blonds do not have ‘more fun:’  Black dogs RULE!

tea_steaming_sm_nwmTuesday, Mom had virtual coffee with other bloggers and she thought it was a really fun thing to do.  Most people fessed up to drinking way more coffee then they should in a day, but the tea drinkers were very present too.  Did you make a coffee date with anyone because of the post?    I think that some people did actually bring their pets, but all we dogs got was water and a cookie.

By mid-week, Wednesday, we were really tired because we had been in daycare all day (that happens a lot when Mom travels).  Sofie is so tired when we get home that she can’t keep her eyes open, even to play ball.  I get even wilder than usual for about an hour when I come home from daycare and run around like a banshee until I collapse too.  (They say that I snore very loud on those nights.)

By Thursday, we shared a wonderful new award call the REALITY award.  We love to be honored with all these blog awards.  It makes us feel extra special.  

Waiting for Dr. Kate

Waiting for Dr. Kate

Did we tell you that Mom made us go see Dr. Kate right before she left.  We had to get those horrible booster shots that she makes us get every year.  I was very brave and actually ended up smiling (a vet tech gave me some special cookies).  It was Sofie that had the most difficult time.  She whined and hid and did all those silly baby things she does. She was not happy when Dr Kate told Mommy that she was getting very chubby and needed to loss weight.  Mommy said that she should get a little doggie treadmill, since she can’t walk us anymore. I don’t think I would like an inside walk going no where.  Dr. Kate thinks that Sofie’s ‘Snow Nose’ comes from an allergy to plastic.  Plastic bowls, plastic toys… it could be anything.  Sofie is on a new diet:  no more food, no more toys, no more walks.  More cookies for me!!!! What do you mean you heard that I could lose a few pounds too?  No way!   Mommy will be home for the weekend and then she is goes again next, this time up north to New York.  I don’t understand why I just can’t come to work with her.  I could stay in her hotel room and bark at all the strange and unfamiliar noises that I hear in the hall.  On second thought, it is more fun to go to daycare and wait patiently for her return. Follow Up Friday is part of the blog hop hosted by Heart Like A Dog.  Check out the other blog hoppers:


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.21.13 Monday Mischief: Foxy Fun

I know that toy is around here somewhere.

I know that toy is around here somewhere.

Where is that fox?

Where is that fox?

Mom!  I can;t find my fox, do you know where it is?

Mom! I can’t find my fox, do you know where it is?

Mom! Louise has all the toys and she isn't sharing.

Mom! Louise has all the toys and she isn’t sharing.

It was a rainy Monday and Mom couldn’t walk so we were stuck inside.  Louise wanted to find something special to play with.  We removed every toy from the toy box but that wasn’t enough, she was on a mission.  I went to mope because Louise was having all the fun. Then… I saw it. – Sofie Bear

Hehehe.  Look what I got, Louise.  Nana nana na.

Hehehe. Look what I got, Louise. Nana nana na.

BOL (Bark Out Loud)


This is a blog hop. I hopped it from Snoopy’s DogBlog. Check them out for more mischief.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.18.13 Follow-Up Friday

Catching you up on this and that is what Follow-up Friday is about:  

The knees. (What Do Other People Do?)  Still waiting for MRI.  Don’t understand why it takes 2 weeks to get authorization, but it is a good thing that I am a patient person.  I assume if I was bleeding out, they would just let rigor mortis set in.  I have an appointment with Surgeon next week.  Probably tore the meniscus, but with all the arthritis in my knees, this could be a long road back.  But anyway, the dogs have decided that they need to protect my knees and immediately, upon returning home from my trip, had to find ways to both apply pressure to each one.  


I am absolutely enforcing the ‘don’t run down the stairs before the human’ rule (which sometimes I am lax about).  They must stay at the top of the stairs until my cane and my legs get down to the bottom, or I do let them go before I even start (I figure that is safer for all).  Nine, the Mancat, has taken to throwing his full little body on the steps when I am coming up, and now he has also been added to the obstacles to be avoided.  

Follow Up Friday is part of the blog hop hosted by Heart Like A Dog.  Check out the other blog hoppers:


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.17.13 Why Is Sofie’s Nose Turning Pink?

When I got home from my trip, the family was very concerned about Sofie’s nose.  They had all noticed that her black nose had slowly been turning pink.  They worried that she was doing something to herself, like scraping off her skin (ouch!).  Or that she was sick.  I assured them it was nothing to worry about, but then I started to worry.  Why does a dog’s nose turn from black to pink?  Did she have a vitamin deficiency? Was there something wrong?  I know that with age most of my animals had started to lose pigment in their noses, but she was only 2 years old.  So, being the ‘research-everything’ person that I am, I of course ‘Googled’ the situation, and found some very interesting facts.

Black NoseApril

Black Nose

1. Some dogs loose pigment in their noses in the winter.  (Which is what I think might be going on here.)  They call this ‘snow nose’ or ‘winter nose.’ Who knew?  Though it seems to be something that is more common to dogs like Labrador Retrieve, Golden, Bernese or Husky (Sofie being none of those that we know – well maybe Golden?), the seasonal variation is no cause for alarm and goes back to black in the warmer months.  I guess we will have to see.  

2.  Age of course is another reason.  There is an enzyme called Tyrosinase which produces pigment.  As a dog ages the nasal plenum (that is a cool word, don’t you think?) might change from black to brown or pink, as less of the enzyme is produced.  Interestingly enough, Tyrosinase is also sensitive to temperature. This may be why the fading of the ‘plenum’ in warmer months happens too.  

Pink NoseJanuary

Pink Nose

3. Dermatitis, especially from plastic bowls, has been found to temporarily cause this.  Or a real trauma, like an abrasion.   If allergies are the cause, the dogs gums will possibly be red or inflamed too.

4. There is an immune disease that can cause a pink nose, called Vitiligo.  (That is the disease that Michael Jackson said he had that turned his skin from black to white. I wonder if Sofie can sing?) But if a dog has this, there would be white patches usually throughout its body and white hairs.  This seems to be found in Doberman, German Shepard, Rottweiler, and Dachshund mostly.  It appears to be a rare problem, but I was happy to know that it can be managed by nutritional supplements (if you’re worry about the color of your dog’s nose).  I guess show dogs can be disqualified if their pigment is not exactly right – so this might help in those cases.

Any changes in our little furry charges is always a cause of concern, but luckily Sofie has to go to the vet soon for her Booster shots, so I will have Dr. Kate take a look. Otherwise I would just wait until spring to see if her nose turns back to black.  If it stays pink I guess I will have to invest in some Doggie sunscreen (Is there such a thing?).  

What color is your dog’s nose?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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12.30.12 Black and White Sunday: First Snow Frolick

bw lulu snow 2012

Louise enjoying the first snow of the season

Sofie had never seen snow before (I guess we did not get much last year).  She was running around like a crazy dog.  When she finally calmed down, she just stood in the yard and looked on in amazement.  They had so much fun running around chasing each other until finally Louise decided she was cold and wanted to come in. I think Sofie would still be out there, if I let her. 

Sofie's 1st snow ever.She was amazed, 2012

Sofie’s 1st snow ever.


This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to My Life in Dog Years for hosting. Click here to get to know other wonderful animals and their parents and to see how you can take part in this fabulous blog hop!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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11.23.12 Anticipation

Sofie: “Mom, did you send the invitation?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie Bear, they are on your Facebook site as an event” 

Sofie: “Did you bake the special cookies I requested?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie, they are cooling with the other pumpkin treats.” 

Sofie: “Presents! Are presents hiding somewhere?” 

Mom: “Patience, little one.” 

Sofie: “Are my friends going to come to visit?”

Mom: “Yes, Sofie, Mojo and Amy will be here.”

Sofie: “I am so excited that I am going to be 2 years old on Sunday! Can we go for a walk just you & me.” 

Mom:  “Sounds like a plan, Baby”

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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11.13.12 A Lesson In How Not To Train Your Dog

So the girls and I were out at the school yard running around.  I wanted you could see the joy that Louise has when in an open field with no scary other humans or animals to distract her.  I tried to capture a moment on video.  Then as I was looking at the video, I realized the probably everything I did was reinforcing the wrong things.  For example. I call the dogs to me.  They start to come but they don’t get all the way there.  So I call them again, repeatedly.  This is wrong, right?  I should be able to call them once, and if they loved me listened to me, they would be right in front of me in a good sit position until I released them. But NOOOOO!, I gave them treats anyway and reinforced the, wishy washy behavior.  Then, when I released them, I kept talking. 

(Note to Mommy trainer:  Stop talking so much because you confuse them.  Only treat when they really do what you asked.) 

We were having the best run when a boy on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) came loudly and speedily into the school yard and scared us.  Thereby stopping our freedom and also causing Louise to go back into the fearful place.  What is an ATV doing in the neighborhood anyway?  Are they even allowed in such a populated area?  After we regained our composure (Louise on leash), the noisy monster left, we walked home happy and tired.  I do hope you like the little Non-Training Video, especially listen to the smacking sound when Sofie takes the cookie. 

(Another Note to Mommy trainer: Tired dogs are happy dogs (or something like that).  They had fun and that is important.)

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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