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9.16.12 Inspiring Blog Award

How nice to receive an “Inspiring Blog Award,” from David Kanigan of Lead,Learn.Live  Thank you very much, you David are the one that is inspirational.  David says that by blogging he is trying to “share some of these “ah-ha” moments or inspirations that make him wonder, make him laugh or bring tears to his eyes.” Thanks for finding what we do here at DogDaz inspirational, because we get a lot from you too.

Awards are wonderful surprises.  Along with many of them come some rules, so here they are and here are my answers:

(1) Link back to the person who nominated you: DONE above

(2) Post the award image to your page: DONE on right

(3) Tell seven facts about yourself: DONE below

Fact 1:  I am gluten, dairy, and red meat free (I eat poultry and fish), but my animals are not. 

Fact 2:  Even when I clean my office, it is always a mess. 

Fact 3:  I have collected elephant paraphernalia since I was 4 and I never cared if the trunk was up or down.

Fact 4:  If the family did not stop me I probably would have several more dogs.

Fact 5:  When I was younger I dreamed of breeding a wolf/malamute hybrid and training them to be child protection dogs when children were out in the yard playing, so that no one would steal them.  Weird huh?

Fact 6:  Blogging has taken over as my number 2 hobby, next to the animals (but are they really a hobby?)

Fact 7:  Sometimes I just can’t think of what to write, but then I do, and it all works out in the end.

(4) Nominate 5-10 other blogs,  DONE below and, as always, I try to find new blogs that I have not awarded something to before, so here they are:

1.  Georgia About

2. Expressions in a Tcup

3.  PetSign_cri

4.  One Thousand Single Days

5. Living and Loving

(5) Let them know they are nominated. PINGBACK – you’re notified.  No really I will comment on their sites.  LOL

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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6.29.12 And The Awards Go To…

On 20 June I was lucky to received wonderful awards from  I Adopted A Dog – Now What? and Dear Kitty. Some Blog  and Lulu Belle was nice enough to answer them and say thank you while I was away. Thank you from the human for acknowledging us.  We so appreciate your support.

So now that I am catching up, the following bloggers get to pick one of the above awards for their very own, as well as proudly display that you are the DogDaz PICK OF THE LITTER!

Thank you all for wonderful reading – here is the current DOGDAZ PICK OF THE LITTER:

Long Life Cats Dogs

The Pawsitive Thinker

Clowie’s Corner

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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The Hug Award: How Special !!!

Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes for honoring us with a very special Hug Award, you are tooooo kind.  We were really in need of a hug today so it came at a wonderful time.  This is a really interesting award and I was really glad to receive it. Receiving this award sent me to the site it comes from to see what it was all about ( and I learned about A Hope For Today.

So, as the rules of many of the awards go, I will tell you more about me: Though I earn my pay in the corporate world, I try to live my life in service for the world good both locally and globally.  To me that means providing hope of a better today for humans, animals, and the environment. I believe you need to be the change you want to see in the world. So, I drive a hybrid (with the license plate ‘GIVEBAK,’ so honk if you see me), I recycle everything possible, I rescue animals (you all know that part), I work with the River Keepers to try and restore and keep my river and the Bay healthy,  I support wildlife (I am a Certified Wildlife Habitiat), I support certain human causes such as Lupus (which I have), Crohns & Colitis (which plagues my family), and all kinds of Cancers (which has robbed me of many family & friends), and currently I am a Commissioner on the County Commission for Women, to improve the lives of women and children.  Yes, I must say that sometimes I do all this for the hugs, but mostly, I do it for the selfish reason that I believe in the law of cause and effect – what you put out there will come back to you 10 fold: to give is the greatest gift I get, and at the end of the day, the only one I want.  I have hope today and everyday, so thank you Misty for reminding me of the greater value in that.

I will pass this along to 5 blogs I have not acknowledged before, who are teaching me something with every blog:

Cats & Co.

2 Brown Dawgs Blog

The Jogging Dog

Walden Marsh


Hugs and Hope from the zoo at DogDaz ❤


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