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Wordless Wednesday: Laundry Helper

I am used to a cat or 2 helping me fold the laundry. They like to lie on the warm piles when they first come out of the dryer. And then, of course, they will make a nest in anything black (of which 99% of my clothes are). Since I never had a small dog before it didn’t dawn on me that he would want to assist in the process just like a cat. Charles’ favorite laundry activity seems to be batting the socks around as they got paired. Every chore is a new adventure with this little guy. I definitely am learning that little is different then middle and big. Though Louise does like to play peek a boo, when I toss the sheets out in a whirl to fold them, and Sofie will suck on anything that is soft and nearby.

What chores do you get help with?


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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11.14.12 There’s Nothing Like A Warm Pile Of Laundry

Making the bed, especially after you have just taken blankets our of the dryer, is just a losing battle at the zoo. You see, there is always one cat, if not 4 or 5, that find a nice pile of clean and warm laundry something irresistible.  And a sheet, being tossed across a long expanse of mattress, is just an invitation to jump under it.  I guess I should have never dumped the pile of blankets onto the bed to fold.  What was I thinking?  Maybe if I dropped the pile in some other spot, they would have gone to wherever the pile was, and I could have made the bed.  But who really needs a bed with nice clean sheets and blankets anyway, when you can provide hours of happiness to your pets? I guess I will make the bed later, Noel.  Enjoy your warm fort.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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