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6.25.12 The Street Animals of Istanbul

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Istanbul, Turkey is a beautiful city. The city is actually where the European and Asia continents meet and is divided by the Bosphorus Strait.  A fishing town, you would expect to see cats.  But there were feral cats everywhere.  In all the outside spaces and many of the indoor also.  The street dogs, though I did not get to take many pictures because mostly I was being whizzed by in the Taxis that go way to fast, seemed to be of Shepard, working dog, type bodies, with brown and black short fur.  “One estimate is that in Istanbul, a city of 11.3 million people, there are at least 150,000 free-roaming dogs.  Rabies is endemic in Turkish dogs and every year there are a small number of people who die from the bites of rabid dogs. The Turkish federal government passed a law a few years ago requiring cities to control the roaming dogs.  But as in America, few cities have all the resources they need to effectively control the loose animals.”(Managing-street-dogs-cats-turkey)

I was really glad to see stray dogs with ear tags.  It made me realize that the city may have a “trap and release” program to spay/neuter/vaccinate strays.  I checked and it does and I think that is a  great step in the right direction, especially after reading about some of the shelter tragedies in Turkey. Unlike Americans, the Turkish people appear to tolerant the free-roaming animals. I assume that has a cultural basis due to religious heritage and current beliefs.  Until this trip, and I travel a lot, I never really thought about another countries challenges with animal control, this is a huge problem worldwide. In Istanbul there appeared to be a calm coexistence (I did not see even one cat/dog fight).  Lessons from the street animals of Istanbul.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤ 


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