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1.1.13 Carpe Diem: 2013 Pick of the Litter Awards



I tried to wake the animals up to review the year before we move on to 2013, but they said to leave them alone.  

My motto for 2013 is “Carpe Diem,”  “Sieze the day!”  I want to focus on each days wonders and dig deep into making every moment count.  If not now, when?  If not me, who?  

Here is a recap of DogDaz month by month for 2012 before we move on:

January – At that point the blog was only 60 days new.  The Muffin Man turned 18 or 19 (we never really knew his age).

February – Stella and Nine joined the family.  Everyone was really excited.  Nine was about 1 and Stella was 5 months old.

March – The dogs dug up the yard (for the first time) to free the mole   Spring was definitely in the air (and under ground).  Noel, the Christmas Cat, was 5.  Mom was 55.

April – The kittens are fitting in really well…. maybe to well.  Nine is taking over the world.

May – Louise is growing up and does a great job on the blog while Mom travels  The dogs learned to sit pretty for spring pictures.

June – We highlighted the street animals of Istanbul, Turkey from Mom’s trip.  Peanut graduated High School, so the dogs got to be in lots of prom pictures.

July – The dogs and cats took turns writing the blog while Mom was in Australia and had great fun when she returned.  Stella turned 1.  Peanut turned 18.

August – The true DogDaz of summer were upon us. Change was in the air.  Constance was 5.

September – Peanut (the little little human) went off to college and we were all trying to get used to an empty nest. 

October –  Noel took over as top cat., we get hit with SuperStormSandy and Louise (aka Lulu Belle), turned 3.

November – Sofie turned 2 and the blog turned 1.

December – The Muffin Man and Miss Constance Kitty passed over the rainbow bridge to the great meadow.  K8 (the middle little human) graduated from college and came home to stay (bye bye empty nest) – the animals (especially Stella) like having her to play with again.

Awards Review (27 awarded in total, WOW!  We are so blessed and so amazed!) –

Blog Of The Year 2012 Award –  Thank you for the wonderful stars this year from Misaki, The Daily Golden, Lead.Learn.Live, Worldly Winds, and Living and Lovin.Blog of the Year Award 5 star thumbnail

Blog on Fire Award from “I Adopted A Dog – Now What?”

Inspiring Blog Award from Lead,Learn.Live  and also from  I Adopted A Dog – Now What?

The Addictive Blog Award from  Misaki at “The Misadventures of Misaki.”

The Versatile Blogger Award from Dear Kitty. Some Blog. and Hutchagoodlife and Kindness Kronicles and our very first award, from Bassa’s Blog.

“You Make Me Shine” award from Bassa’s Blog.

Worldly Winds gave us this most unusual Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award.

The Sunshine Award from themisadaventuresofmisaki.

The Liebster Blog from themisadaventuresofmisaki.

One Lovely Blog Award from  Paws to Talk and  Sweat Like Mambo and Cats & Co and Misty Shores Chesapeakes

The ‘Just Kidding’ Award from Colline’s Blog.

Candle Lighter Award from  Sweat Like Mambo.

Awesome Blogger Award from Fluffy Tufts Gang

Hug Award from Milka [the Great{est} Dane] and  Misty Shores Chesapeakes (Updated posting at 8:30 AM:  I missed Bumpy Road to Bubba – not sure how I did that because she has such a wonderful blog and I apologize because I love to hug that blog everyday!)

Collie’s Choice Award For Best Blog from Collies of the Meadow.


Seize The New Year With A “DOGDAZ Pick Of The Litter Award”

All those named above will receive their first award of 2013 from us:  The DOGDAZ PICK OF THE LITTER AWARD.  You are all something special and deserve the very best, now and always. You get to pick one of the above awards for your very own, as well as proudly display that you are part of the DogDaz Pick of the Litter!


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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6.25.12 The Street Animals of Istanbul

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Istanbul, Turkey is a beautiful city. The city is actually where the European and Asia continents meet and is divided by the Bosphorus Strait.  A fishing town, you would expect to see cats.  But there were feral cats everywhere.  In all the outside spaces and many of the indoor also.  The street dogs, though I did not get to take many pictures because mostly I was being whizzed by in the Taxis that go way to fast, seemed to be of Shepard, working dog, type bodies, with brown and black short fur.  “One estimate is that in Istanbul, a city of 11.3 million people, there are at least 150,000 free-roaming dogs.  Rabies is endemic in Turkish dogs and every year there are a small number of people who die from the bites of rabid dogs. The Turkish federal government passed a law a few years ago requiring cities to control the roaming dogs.  But as in America, few cities have all the resources they need to effectively control the loose animals.”(Managing-street-dogs-cats-turkey)

I was really glad to see stray dogs with ear tags.  It made me realize that the city may have a “trap and release” program to spay/neuter/vaccinate strays.  I checked and it does and I think that is a  great step in the right direction, especially after reading about some of the shelter tragedies in Turkey. Unlike Americans, the Turkish people appear to tolerant the free-roaming animals. I assume that has a cultural basis due to religious heritage and current beliefs.  Until this trip, and I travel a lot, I never really thought about another countries challenges with animal control, this is a huge problem worldwide. In Istanbul there appeared to be a calm coexistence (I did not see even one cat/dog fight).  Lessons from the street animals of Istanbul.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤ 


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6.16.12 Leaving On A Jet Plane

Mommy is on her way to Istanbul, Turkey today for work and won’t be back for a whole week. She is not taking us and we are very sad that she will be gone but she said 13 hours on an airplane is no place for dogs.  (What’s an airplane?) She told us to behavior ourselves and look after the humans, the cats, the blog, and each other. We are not happy about having all this work to do while she is gone and have decided that we will post some of her more interesting blogs instead of trying to paw new ones.  We think Mommy travels to much and should just stay home with us.  We miss her already.  Maybe she will bring us some exotic bones from wherever she is. I wonder if they have dogs in Turkey and what they look like.

“Take pictures Mommy so we can see Turkish pets.  We are going to sleep in your office and not move until you return.”  Love, your adorable sweet doggies – Lulu Belle and Sofie Bear

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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