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Caturday: Throw Or Keep?

It is funny where cats choose to sleep. This was Nine’s favorite perch (in the cat area right behind the couch – aka the dining room). But for several months after we got the giant cat-tree, he ignored it. V said, maybe get rid of it. It wobbles and we have no idea how safe it is; it easily falls over and many a morning I will find it laying down on the ground.

But just the other day, he started sleeping in it again. Every night this week. while we watch TV he has cuddled up and slept there. It is hard to throw anything out at this Zoo because everything seems to get a new life after awhile.

Throw or keep?

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Thursday’s Besties


PHOTO OP: Best Pals

Via natporn.


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1.13.13 Black & White Sunday: Sleeping in the Lookout

Nine sleeping in the lookout

Nine sleeping in the lookout


This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to My Life in Dog Years for hosting. Click here to get to know other wonderful animals and their parents and to see how you can take part in this fabulous blog hop!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.26.12 Silly Cat Places

Noel 2012
Kitchen Sink

Nine: Making the bed

Not sure why Noel decided to sit in the kitchen sink but I was lucky enough to catch a picture of her.  Animals do the silliest things.  Noel is an especially funny cat.  You will find her in some really weird places.  Now, Nine, he likes to make the bed, which is a very cat thing to do.

Where are some of the silly places your animals like to be?

The Muffin Man
In my pocketbook

Miss Kitty
Watching TV

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Cord vs Kitty

thefluffingtonpost: Computer Cords Are for Chewing Via deadoll.

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Friday’s in the bag

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1.20.12 6:46: CATDaz presents Connie’s Day

Remember that the cats of DogCATDaz said they were going to occupy the site on Fridays, so today is Connie’s day.

Constance Clover, aka Miss Kitty, came to live with us at Christmas 2007, along with her now sister, Noel, the Christmas cat. Connie was only a little girl born that September. We met her at PetSmart in December (in the very sad (we should never go in there!) cat adoption area).  She was a wild girl and my daughter immediately feel for her.

Miss Constance Kitty

Connie has a spine problem called scoliosis.  You actually can see it in her tail; it is really crooked, but it runs down her whole body, so, Connie is wide vs long.  She is a tiny ball of non-stop energy and does not realize she is different.  She jumps and plays like all the other cats, so I am not sure what, if anything, it keeps her from doing but the vet says we will see as she gets older. The only thing I know is that she doesn’t like to be picked up and she definitely does not like to be upside down.

Connie & Squash's Tail

Connie loves the dogs.  When she was a kitten, she thought Squash’s tail was another cat and he would wag it to the right and she’d grab it and then he move it left and carry her across the floor with every movement.  Today she likes to play with Sofie (if Sofie isn’t trying to hard to herd her) but she is not so sure of Louise.

Connie on her cat post

A basket of Connie

Noel & Connie watching the birds

Constance is a funny cat.  She likes to sit on top of the cat scratching post for hours and watch the fish swim in the tank (we call it fish TV).  Lately, she has taken to sleeping on top of the dog kennels because one day she discovered that there were some nice towels up there and they were very comfy.  She is a real player and will steal any rubber bands or twist-ties that she finds and play with them for hours.

Miss Constance Kitty is a sweet girl and we are very glad she has come to play at our house.  Oh yah, she likes to help make the bed too.  Well, just another Dog CATDaz morning at the zoo ❤

Snack tIme at the Zoo


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Sleepy dog and kittens

Sleepy dog and kittens



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1.6.12 16:16

Animals are funny.  They make you laugh, even when you don’t want to, and they drive you crazy, usually when you need to be taking yourself less seriously.  Squash E Bear was a great one for making me laugh.  He used to love to roll on his back and tell jokes.  This big quiet guy, who never said much to anyone or anything, would start rolling and barking and just plain laugh out loud.

Squash Laughing

I used to ask him what he was talking about, but he would never really say.  He would just go on and on.

Sofie can be pretty funny.  Especially when you yell at her, she drops down and rolls on her back and tries to look cute.  The other day C found her asleep outside her kennel but under the door curtain.  Now that looks really funny, though I do not think she knew it.  Unlike Sqaush, right now we are laughing more AT her, not necessarily WITH her.

Sofie sleeping under the curtain

Louise is a pretty serious dog most of the time, but she has her funny moments too.  She was learning how to tell jokes from Squash before he left us for the great meadow in the sky, however, I am not sure she really got the hang of it.  She does crack me up though.  Like the time she was protecting me from the vacuum monster and feel asleep during the process.

Lulu asleep on the vacuum

Now Noel is hysterical.  You really are never sure where you will find her and what she is going to have to say. I really do not think NoNo knows that she is making me laugh, but I do find her in some pretty strange places.

Noel in the sink

Miss Constance Kitty is always in something, under something, or playing with something.  She sets the dogs up a lot and gets them in trouble by dropping things on the floor for them to eat or destroy.  Her name really should be ‘Mischief.’

Connie in a freshly washed and folded quilt

Muffy is the funniest of all.  Here he is in my pocketbook as I am unloading groceries on the table.  He does the funniest things and makes me laugh all the time.

Muffin in my purse

and who can forget cats of the past, like Gertrude (calico) and Cuddles (Russian Blue) looking out the backdoor with their friendly Gnome…..

Gertrude & Cuddles with a Gnome

Just another DogDaz afternoon at the Looney Bin. ❤


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