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6.26.13 Wordless Wednesday: Ouch!

IMG_20130625_060843_833Remember last week I had the dogs nails clipped at PetSmart and they cut the quick on Louise’s back black nail and it bleed.  What I did not know is they did something wrong to Sofie too and her nail became loose.  It became infected and $$$ vet later, she is now in the ‘cone of shame,’ with daily antibiotics.

All because I did not want to cut them myself because I was afraid of hurting them.


Mommy is sorry, Babies!!!  I thought they knew what they were doing!


This is a Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Thanks to BlogPaws for the hop. Head over there and see what they are blogging about.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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4.26.13 Follow Up Friday: We Are Family!!!!!

Today is Follow Up Friday, where does the week go?

We are so excited to announce that we received not one, but two, I AM PART OF THE WORDPRESS FAMILY AWARDs this week!  WOOOOF!  We are so grateful. Thank You Thank You Thank You!


We received the first Family award from Vicki Flaherty at This Abundantly Delicious Life.  Vicki is actually a colleague of mine and I am so impressed with her view on life,  No matter what is in her way, she has found a way to look on the ‘bright side’ of the day.  Vicki is new to the blogosphere and has jumped in with both feet.  I am glad to be part of her cyberfamily and definitely recommend you hop on over and get a taste of her delicious life.


Then yesterday we received a wonderful second Family award from Misaki, The Misadventures of Misaki.  We blogdogs go way back and we are so glad she includes us as family (thanks for not coping out, Misaki). She lives in the UK, which seems weird for an Alaskan Malamute, but I guess her ancestors got around.  Follow her daily misadventures.


This is an award to celebrate those other WordPress bloggers who inspire, help and encourage us – just like a family does:


1. Display the award logo on your blog – done.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you – thank you Vicki and Musaki.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love

My blog family is very large and I know that rule said to nominate only 10 blogs that inspire me, but I could not get it down lower than 14 sorry (and that does not including the 2 that nominated me who are family too):

(1) Speedy The Cheeky Rex Rabbit
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(3) Dakota’s Den
(4) bumpyroadtobubba
(5) Cupcake Speaks
(6) Heart Like A Dog
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(9) My Three Moogies
(10) Golden Woofs
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(12) jmgoyder
(13) Gizmo
(14) EasyRider

I love reading your blogs, and though I may not have a lot of time to comment, I am there in your visitor stats, behind the scenes, every week.


To recap the week:

Last Caturday, we went sailing with Nine in the SS Stella.  Everyone loved the boat I built.  I found the kit at PetSmart. It took about 40 minutes to put together and a month until the cats trusted it enough to play in it.  I think that toys like that really add to an indoor cats enjoyment of life.

Sunday’s Black and White picture of The Muffin Man and Sofie in the kitchen window brought back sweet memories of a great cat..  We don’t seem to have any lap cats now and that is makes us miss the ones that have passed on.  Muffy, Zack, and Cuddles all were lap sitters, the current crew are not.

Internet picture of SkinkBy the time Monday Mischief came around the cold front had past and the windows were open again.  Stella and Nine are still waiting for the skinks, which should be out shortly, but he was chasing dandelion fluff on the windowsill this morning, which I think he thought was one.  

Monday’s  Contest – No winner, sorry.  But several of you were close.  The little critters were….. drum roll please ….. baby muskrats!  So cute!

Tuesday had the dogs basking in the sunshine and enjoying the slow coming spring.  But by Wordless Wednesday they got busy and started doing the job a dog should do: guarding their toys from intruders.  Readers were very creative in what they thought they were doing, but most people agreed that Sofie and Louise traded guard duties at noon.  Barking Out Loud. st_bernard

We found this incredible story on Thursday about Wild Dogs in Moscow that ride the train to find food.  We are grateful to the people of Moscow that let those strays have a calm and full life.  (I do wish they had homes though.)

That’s it for the week. Thanks for playing along with us.


Follow Up Friday is part of the blog hop hosted by Heart Like A Dog.Check out the other blog hoppers:


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.4.13 Follow Up Friday

Following Up Friday gives me a chance to catch you up on a few previous posts:  

We are watching, so be warned!!

We are watching, so be warned!!

12.27.12 Two Dogs At Every School, got a lot of interesting comments.  People were mostly concerned about the safety of the dogs.  Yes I understand that a crazy person with a gun could shoot one of the dogs on entrance to the school, but isn’t that the point.  Better to sacrafic one life for the lives of many (as Victoria Soto did for her students)?  I did not get as much support around the idea as I expected.  People were worried about allergies and the liability, and all of them are fair concerns.  I guess it is just better to give every teacher a gun and make them focus on protecting their class instead of teaching our children (ok, I am being sarcastic here).   The truth is, guns are not the problem, mental health is, so maybe we are protecting the wrong thing.  I am disheartened, but will keep thinking on this one.  

9 catmas 201212.29.12 The Catnip-apillars come in a 3 pack from PetSmart.  They were nothing fancy but all the animals are really enjoying them (Sofie Bear loves to suck and nibble on cat toys (OK that is weird now that I write it.)

Sofie's 1st snow ever.She was amazed, 2012

Sofie’s 1st snow ever.
She was amazed, 2012

12.30.12  I never really thought about how many animals never will experience snow.  But then, my zoo won’t experience desert, though I guess they could experience sand if I took them to the beach.  I love the diversity of followers and the view from their locations.  Makes me realize how incredibly different our environments are and how wonderful a medium the internet is to be able to virtually experience another climate.  

1.1.13  A New Year and new experiences await.  I forget to mention my new friend Pawsitively Pets, who was my buddy in the Christmas Blog Exchange.  She has a wonderful and informative site, so go by and tell Ann Paws that DogDaz sent you.  



Follow Up Friday is part of the blog hop hosted by Heart Like A Dog.  Check out the other blog hoppers:


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.20.12 6:46: CATDaz presents Connie’s Day

Remember that the cats of DogCATDaz said they were going to occupy the site on Fridays, so today is Connie’s day.

Constance Clover, aka Miss Kitty, came to live with us at Christmas 2007, along with her now sister, Noel, the Christmas cat. Connie was only a little girl born that September. We met her at PetSmart in December (in the very sad (we should never go in there!) cat adoption area).  She was a wild girl and my daughter immediately feel for her.

Miss Constance Kitty

Connie has a spine problem called scoliosis.  You actually can see it in her tail; it is really crooked, but it runs down her whole body, so, Connie is wide vs long.  She is a tiny ball of non-stop energy and does not realize she is different.  She jumps and plays like all the other cats, so I am not sure what, if anything, it keeps her from doing but the vet says we will see as she gets older. The only thing I know is that she doesn’t like to be picked up and she definitely does not like to be upside down.

Connie & Squash's Tail

Connie loves the dogs.  When she was a kitten, she thought Squash’s tail was another cat and he would wag it to the right and she’d grab it and then he move it left and carry her across the floor with every movement.  Today she likes to play with Sofie (if Sofie isn’t trying to hard to herd her) but she is not so sure of Louise.

Connie on her cat post

A basket of Connie

Noel & Connie watching the birds

Constance is a funny cat.  She likes to sit on top of the cat scratching post for hours and watch the fish swim in the tank (we call it fish TV).  Lately, she has taken to sleeping on top of the dog kennels because one day she discovered that there were some nice towels up there and they were very comfy.  She is a real player and will steal any rubber bands or twist-ties that she finds and play with them for hours.

Miss Constance Kitty is a sweet girl and we are very glad she has come to play at our house.  Oh yah, she likes to help make the bed too.  Well, just another Dog CATDaz morning at the zoo ❤

Snack tIme at the Zoo


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