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2.22.13 Follow Up Friday: The ‘Why I Love Thee’ Award

fish81Two follow ups for this week.  First is on the post I did about Blog Fishing.  We got wonderful comments from so many people on what they do to try and handle all the blogs they want to read.  Jodi, from HeartLikeADog, suggests Google Reader, so I am going to give that a try.   Lots of people say they read only what comes in their email.  These are all great ideas to Blog Fish.  Thanks for the comments.      


And secondly this week we received a lovely “Why I Love Thee” award from our little friend Kirby, at Kirby’s Dawg Blog.  Kirby is just the cutest little thing. He is about 10 months old, and he and his human, Lea, really enjoy all things blog.  It looks like they have a lot of fun.  Thanks for the award, we are honored to be chosen.   


The rules of this award are quite straightforward.

First you thank the friend who passed the award to you – thank you very much, Kirby! And link to their blog – see above.

Then, if you’re an animal, you tell everyone why you love your bipeds (your people). If you’re a biped you tell why you love your animal(s), or why you love animals in general, or anything you like about love. (Clowie, of Clowie’s Corner, who gave Kirby the award, who then gave it to us, added the last two because, she said that not all bipeds are lucky enough to have animals living with them.)

Then you pass the award on to at least one other blogger.

Why I love my bipeds – by Louise (aka Lulu Belle)

I love my bipeds because they make me feel safe.  Mom taught me that not every biped is cruel and will hurt me.  The family, especially the little big bipeds, give me a tons of cuddles and let me sleep on their beds.  The best thing about my family is that they are mine.  I know that they will always be with me and that they will always protect me, and I them.  Also, they brought me my little sister, Sofie Bear, that I love very much. (But Mom, I could do without the felines!)  

Now I pass it on to 4 blogs that I love:


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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