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Thankful Thursday: Cookies

Today is Thankful Thursday.  We are thankful for cookies.  Mom gives us nice ones whenever we come inside and sit nicely.  Nine is always trying to jump us from his perch.  These are dog cookies Nine, and you can’t have them.

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P.S.  The cats in this zoo get lots and lots of treats so don’t feel sorry for them.  They are thankful too.


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.27.12 Lulu’s Lament

Here we are waiting for Mommy to get home from taking Peanut to college many hours away.   We are tired of waiting and she always seems to leave us behind.  Someday we want to go with her.  We promise that we will be good,  We won’t throw up in the car, or bark at every thing that passes, or try to get in the front seat, or any of that.  Well, I can’t speak for Sofie.  She doesn’t do well riding in the car.  Sofie turns kind of green if she can’t see out the front window all the time.  Mommy tries to make her lie down but she doesn’t like to listen. Sofie tries stepping in between the front seats, which is a big ‘No – No!’  I don’t know how to tell her if she just laid down and closed her eyes she would be ok.  I don’t like the car very much either, except I get to be close to Mommy and that I like.  And if I stay behind the front seat, I get cookies!  I love cookies.  Maybe that is Sofie’s problem, because she does not like cookies very much.  She spits most of them out and gives them to me.  The only cookies she seems to like are the little one’s with molasses in them or the real chicken pieces that Mommy makes. It is not natural, a dog that doesn’t like cookies.  Maybe Sofie is really a fox or something.  She does smell funny at times.  I do hope that Mommy comes back tomorrow like she said she would.   V is going to leave us at the Dogcare place overnight tonight because K8 has to go back to college too, and we have never ever ever slept at a kennel before.  I hope that they keep Sofie with me, ’cause she gets scared and needs me to protect her.  When Mommy gets home this time I am going to make sure she never goes away again… (I have a plan for Sofie and Nine to eat a hole in her suitcase (don’t tell her please.)) – Lulu Belle 

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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