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Monday Mischief: Hoover (aka Louise), the Plott Hound


Louise is such a hound dog. I know people think she is a little Labrador, but actually, she is much more hound. I am thinking Plott hound. I actually found pictures of Plott hounds on the internet that look exactly like her.


She hates water for one thing (aren’t labs supposed to love water?). And she doesn’t have webbed feet. Her nose is stuck to the ground always trailing some scent. She can smell a fox a mile away. I think I am going to rename her ‘Hoover,’ after the vacuum cleaner. Lulu, I think I found your family tree. Not that it is really important, but sometimes knowing the linage of your dog can help you with training, medical, and other issues. They say Plott Hounds are loyal and stubborn. That would be my girl!
Happy Louise

What mischief did you get into today?



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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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7.13.12 Smelling Differences

I came upon this great picture the other day.  Not only were the 3 labs absolutely beautiful representations of each color of Labrador Retrievers, but the message was so ‘right on.’  I don’t think that dogs’ care about color or breed differences at all.  They may be aware of major size differences, but I am not really sure what they think about the other dog when it is bigger or smaller than them – ‘Oh, it’s another dog, but it sure is weird-looking.” 

Dogs live in a world of smells; they seem to judge everything through the ‘sniff’ test.   If something smells different, then they get concerned.  Since sight is so limited in most dogs, I don’t think they care much about how something looks. I don’t think you will ever hear a dog say, “Oh you are ugly, so I am not going to play with you.” Do different dogs smell different?  That I don’t know.  I couldn’t find much research on this.  Does your dog show any sign of perceiving a difference between itself and another dog’s breed/color/etc?  Not having ‘single breed’ dogs, I am not able to observe if this comes into play at all.  All I can say is that Louise and Sofie could not be more different in breed mixes and color but two dogs couldn’t be closer in affection for each other.  (And they both smell equally as bad when wet.)

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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