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Wonderful Wednesday: The Dishwasher

Who needs a dishwasher when you have Noel to clean the dishes for you? Especially when it is whitefish and lox.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: The Beggers

Begging has gotten out of hand at the Zoo. Even Noel has joined in the staring contest.

“If I look at you soulfully enough you will surely give me a piece of whatever you are eating. RIGHT NOW!!”

Charles is actually the worst because he can’t contain himself and he starts to demand bark (with that little yappy PomChi staccato.)

The house rule is that no animal is fed from a human plate directly. Food needs to be in their bowl preferably or at least on the floor. If the other humans in the house followed my the rules, this probably would not be going on as much. I think it is much easier to train animals than humans. At least the animals are only staring and not grabbing. I guess I should feel accomplished at that much.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Please Read: These Dog Treats Still Kill!!

This is a reblog of my post from March 2012.  Don’t feed your animals any JERKY unless you make it yourself.  


Please Read: These Dog Treats Kill!

Ok everyone…THESE are among the chicken treats responsible for killing dogs or making them seriously ill. Vets everywhere are now warning everyone to stop giving your dogs these treats. They are slowly shutting down dog’s kidneys and it is because of something they have in them, still as yet UNKNOWN. The fact that they don’t know what the contaminant is, is why the FDA  has not pulled these treats from stores. Do not buy ANY treats made in China, as that is where these contaminated, poisonous products are coming from.The FDA has received over 600 complaints on these….other brands are Canyon Creek Ranch and DOGSWELL.  Anyone feeding their dog chicken treats needs to look at the package carefully as the words “Made in China” can be very small… do not be fooled by the phrase “An American Company” they are using in large print!It’s a huge issue and is still being investigated! Please click share and pass along – it could save a life.  I think this is very scary.  Please comment if you know of any other brands to make my readers aware of.  Thanks – DogDaz


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10.29.12 Preparing for the Perfect Storm with Pets

Watching the hurricane Sandy roll in

The animals feel the storm much earlier then humans, I think.  Actually, I have been feeling it for days, but I am one of those weird humans that is really in tune with every change in pressure for hundreds of miles.  The atmosphere here at the zoo has been pensive.  Maybe it is because we have been rushing around for days, thanks to the predictive awareness of the National Weather Center, and the robo calls that have been coming from every utility because of the early declared state of emergency. 

Preparing the property is one things.  Preparing for a prolonged outage, or inage (being captive in the house for days), is another when you have animals.  This got me thinking about what, more than animal food and litter, should I be prepared for, in case I really did have to evacuate.  Though we are within 1,000 feet of the water, we are on high ground, so it is very unlikely; but what if the roof got damaged or something.  So, here is my list:

5 cat carriers and 2 dog kennels.

Vet papers on all animals.

Dry and wet food for 1 week: 21 cans wet cat food, 14 cups dry cat food, 2 cans wet dog food, 40 cups of dry dog food, 

5 cat food bowls and 2 dog food bowls.

Minimum 2 littler pans and 1 large bucket of litter (and scooper and bags for scooped stuff).  (Maybe I need to have some small little set up in each carrier if they have to stay in there (I need to think about that).)

Minimum 1 dog water bowl and 5 small water bowls for cat carriers.

Muffin’s heart medicine and baby aspirin.

Kitties anti-anxiety medicine.

Animal first aid kit,

Blankets for each carrier and 2 extra for dogs.

Dog marrow bones and 2 toys to keep them occupied.

Leashes and collars (with all their tags).  (I don’t have collars for the cats with any ID.  To late to buy now, but maybe I need to figure out something so they each have ID.) 

Also should know where I can go with the zoo.  I can’t go to my sister-in-law because her dog hates dogs, my Mother-in-law’s cat would freak out, so next step would be a shelter.  Who will take all of us?  I better start working on that since the wind and the rain are here.

This is really hard.  Even when we have been without electricity or heat before for more than a week, we have never left the animals, and we never will.  One big winter storm we lost 2 out of 4 large tanks of fish, because they got to cold.  Now with the generator hopefully that won’t happen again.  But, one must be prepared.

Please be safe wherever you are.

Keep you loved ones close and your animals out of harms way too.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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