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Caturday: Dear Noel – What Can Cats Eat at Thanksgiving

Dear Noel – I know that my humans are planning a big food celebration next week – they call it Thanksgiving. All they ever give me though is dry kibble. How do I get my human to understand that I can have some leftovers too! – Please help. I am Hungry in Hawaii

Dear Hungry – Many humans do not understand a cat’s diet. We are obligate carnivores, which means we have to have MEAT to live. But fat on the other paw can make us sick. In the wild, we would eat about 3 or 4 mice a day (yum), depending on our size. But remind them that we are little creatures and our calories per day should be limited to our size. And, we are each different, so tell your human to ask your Vet, since I am not a medicine cat and don’t know what is right for you.

You can have many wonderful COOKED lean proteins:

  • 1 ounce of cooked TURKEY white meat
  • Skinless chicken (MY FAVORITE)
  • Liver
  • Lean beef
  • Lamb
  • Cooked eggs
  • Cooked salmon/tuna
  • Canned fish

Don’t forget your veggies and grains:

  • Raw Pumpkin/squash, peas, and cucumber
  • Cooked carrots, broccoli, green beans
  • Mashed sweet potato
  • Cooked oatmeal

And your fruit:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew (no seeded)
  • Peeled apples

But remind them that you can not eat the following:

  • NO FAT
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Coconut Milk
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee or caffeine
  • Grapes / raisins
  • Seeds
  • RAW fish
  • Bread dough
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Cooked bones
  • Milk
  • Chives
  • Candy / Gum
  • Artificial sweeteners (Especially XYLITOL)

See this Basic guide 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and don’t forget to beg for more! – Noel, the Christmas Cat

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Feeding Frenzy

Feeding 7 hungry beasts at 5:30 in the morning is always a frenzy. I have trained everyone to have their own place, but it gets kind of loud and frantic. The cats always want to help make the dog food. Noel steals kibble and then runs away with it, sometimes knocking over a dog food bowl.

I have to keep a good register of who is getting what medicines today (and yes I have goofed that up and that freaks me out).

Every since Louise was on prednisone she has started to demand bark if I am not fast enough and drools on the floor, which I have to make sure not to slip on.

Sofie gets food aggressive, so I have a gate up at both kitchen entrances and I put Charles in his kennel in the living room (he is also food aggressive) and I make all the cats take the long route through the dining room passthrough window, over the kitchen table, along the window sill, onto the kitchen island, and around to the herb window, unless I feel like picking someone up and carrying them over their during the mayhem.

Luckily, Stella has her own room so she has a nice leisurely time of it, as long as I don’t forget to feed her too.

3 dogs with 3 different kibbles (Louise and Sofie on different prescription diets) and 2 cans of different wet food and 4 cats with 2 different kibbles (Mini is very fussy) (sometimes 3) and 1 can of wet for Noel. (Don’t get me started on everyone’s medicines and supplements.)

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Cats Up – Dogs Down

MM 8.8.16

You would think that my animals never saw food before in their lives; 6 animals, 7 different foods, plus veggies twice a day (not including the snacks that I know V gives the cats). Everyone wants to be in THEIR SPOT or they don’t want to eat. Cats on the counter – dogs on the floor (or the dogs will gobble it all in a second). Nine likes privacy, so I hide him behind the cat food canister. I moved Mini Cooper recently next to Nine because she used to eat in front of the fish tank and was getting too distracted and never finished. Noel, of course, is in her window. Heckle and Jeckle Louise and Sofie chow down on the other side of the room in their puzzle slow bowls. Stella is in her private suite. I have to monitor or Noel and Sofie will gang up and eat everyone else’s food. I have learned that if I go do something in another room and don’t pay attention for more than a minute, there will be chewed bowls and even canisters on the floor very quickly.


Can you see the tape holding the lid of the canister together and the chew holes?  Mommy left the room 🙂

What mischief did you get into today?



This used to be a blog hop that I hopped from MYBrownNewfies but I don’t know who is leading anymore. Does anyone? I still like to get into mischief on Mondays!

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Monday Mischief: Feeding Time @ the DogDaz Zoo

MM 6.15 Feeding Time

I am a certifibly crazy pet parent, especially around feeding time:  6 animals – 7 different foods

The Food

Food 1 and 2: Louise, with her autoimmune issues, gets Hill’s prescription Z/D (wet and dry). She has been doing really well on it and sadly, I can not find any cheaper alternatives.  I feed her in a ‘slow bowl,’ which really works too. (Thanks for the slow bowl idea, Eko.)

Food 3 and 4: Sofie, eats Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato (wet and dry).  I used to feed it to both dogs before I found that Louise could not tolerate most foods.  The dogs also get unsalted veggies with each meal, or pumpkin, depending on what I have in the pantry.

Food 5: Noel eats Friskies wet food.  All the cats used to be on this but Nine and Stella started to dislike it (as well as most dry foods), so now only Noel is on it.  Wet is my choice and I add a good amount of water.  (Dr. L says they would normally eat 4 mice a day, which would be meat and water mostly, so that is what I try for.)

Food 6: Nine and Stella don’t like any wet anymore (no matter how hard I try), so they are on Solid Gold – Indigo dry.

Food 7: The baby, Mini Cooper (who is not a kitten anymore), is on Blue Healthy Gourmet pate (wet only).  She does not like Friskies.  I haven’t moved Noel to the Blue because it is very expensive and if I can save a few bucks…

The Process

I have feeding down to a science. I open all dog food cans.  I make Louise’s food first because I want the fork to be free from contamination of other food. (Yes fork vs spoon, because Lulu’s food is very solid and it helps break it up more.) I mix the wet, dry, and veggies with water.  She then licks the fork.

Then it is whinny Sofie’s turn.  I mix her dry, wet, and veggies with water and then she licks the fork.  Sometimes I make them sit and give them an extra veggie or 2.

I take their food to the dog mat, they say their prayers (really they do) and chow down.

Now that they are busy I move to the counter to feed the cats. I open the cat cans. Mini first because she is a huge pest if I don’t.  Then Nine on the other side of the counter, followed by Noel, the patient, in her herb window.  The cats have to eat ‘up’ to keep food away from dogs.

The dogs are still busy when I go down the hall to Stella’s room and feed her (she is behind closed doors all the time so she is easy).

Back to the kitchen to make sure Sofie does not cat bowl surf the counter (which she does) and that Mini and Noel don’t gang up on Nine, who is a slower eater, because they do. They sit there and stare him down if I don’t watch.

This routine may explain why it is really hard to get anyone else in the family to help at feeding time.  I actually accomplish all this in a matter of minutes, but I have a plan (you have to have a plan at 5 am).

I don’t mind the different foods, it is just the cost that is killing me, and the need to shop at multiple pet stores because the foods are special and only sold at specific places (Z/D at a PetSmart with a Banfield Vet or at a Vet) and Natural Balance at Petco or a specialty store. But I got smart this month, I went on the internet and ordered things direct.  Maybe that will make life a little less crazy around pet food.

Feeding time at the Zoo!  Oh yeah, I repeat this again around 4:30 in the afternoon. No wonder I am always tired.



This is a blog hop. I hopped it from MYBrownNewfies. Check them out for more mischief.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo


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DogDaz Warning: DEET In Dog Jerky Treats

I am sure that most of you have heard about the animals that have become sick and died because of contaminated dog and cat food from China. Since 2007, they have found MELAMINE in pet food and treats. Were you aware however, that since then the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported over 4,800 complaints and 1,000+ dogs, 24 cats, and at least 3 people have died?  Most of this has been linked to Chicken JERKY TREATS.

jerky According to an article in The Capital newspaper (Tuesday, June 17, 2014) by Dr, Francine Rattner, a veterinarian at South Arundel Animal Hospital in Maryland, samples were taken by the FDA recently of chicken jerky treats from veterinarians across the United States who treated dogs that became ill after eating them.  It is shocking to find that the chemical analysis shows the treats contain two really bad things – the insect repellent DEET and the drug AMANTADINE.

DEET is a common insect repellent and pesticide.  Amantadine is a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, some types of flu viruses, and for pain management in dogs.  Dr Rattner supposes that maybe the poultry farmers were using it to prevent avian influenza in their chickens, though it is not legal to use that drug on poultry in the US.

There is no direct proof that the contaminants in the jerky treats are responsible for the problems, so the FDA has not recalled the Chinese-made treats and many stores still sell them.

I thought that I was being smart by avoiding treats labeled “Made in China,” but, what I learned was that packages can be labeled “Made in the USA,” even if they include ingredients sourced from other countries (since it is put together here).  The only way that you can actually know where the ingredients come from is to contact the maker of the product, and if you are lucky enough to get the right person, they can tell you where their source is.

Bottom line: If you want to feed your dog jerky treats, make them yourself or do without.

Louise asks Why?


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤ dogcat.gif


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DogDaz Update From China: There’s Food, So Where Are The Pets?

Obviously they have cats somewhere in China.  I found food and litter in the grocery store.

Obviously they have cats somewhere in China. I found food and litter.

There were signs of cats in a very small aisle in the grocery store,

Chinese dog treats in the grocery store.  I don't see dogs anywhere, though.

Chinese dog treats in the grocery store. I don’t see dogs anywhere, though.

There were also dog treats, but I have only seen 2 strays and 1 leashed dog in 3 weeks.  No cats.  Hummmm…..  I am really having animal withdrawal.  There are also no ground animals, no rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, not even snakes…  but I’ve been told if I go in the back of restaurants I will find rats.  Oh, I did see a bird at work last week.  I never realized how much I am tuned into the ‘other than’ human vibrations around me all the time, and without them, I am starting to get off balance.  I contemplated going to the Shenzhen zoo, but I am afraid that it might upset me if the living conditions are poor.

I miss my furries.  Sorry to whine.  

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo in China ❤


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Massive Pet Food Recall

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10.29.12 Preparing for the Perfect Storm with Pets

Watching the hurricane Sandy roll in

The animals feel the storm much earlier then humans, I think.  Actually, I have been feeling it for days, but I am one of those weird humans that is really in tune with every change in pressure for hundreds of miles.  The atmosphere here at the zoo has been pensive.  Maybe it is because we have been rushing around for days, thanks to the predictive awareness of the National Weather Center, and the robo calls that have been coming from every utility because of the early declared state of emergency. 

Preparing the property is one things.  Preparing for a prolonged outage, or inage (being captive in the house for days), is another when you have animals.  This got me thinking about what, more than animal food and litter, should I be prepared for, in case I really did have to evacuate.  Though we are within 1,000 feet of the water, we are on high ground, so it is very unlikely; but what if the roof got damaged or something.  So, here is my list:

5 cat carriers and 2 dog kennels.

Vet papers on all animals.

Dry and wet food for 1 week: 21 cans wet cat food, 14 cups dry cat food, 2 cans wet dog food, 40 cups of dry dog food, 

5 cat food bowls and 2 dog food bowls.

Minimum 2 littler pans and 1 large bucket of litter (and scooper and bags for scooped stuff).  (Maybe I need to have some small little set up in each carrier if they have to stay in there (I need to think about that).)

Minimum 1 dog water bowl and 5 small water bowls for cat carriers.

Muffin’s heart medicine and baby aspirin.

Kitties anti-anxiety medicine.

Animal first aid kit,

Blankets for each carrier and 2 extra for dogs.

Dog marrow bones and 2 toys to keep them occupied.

Leashes and collars (with all their tags).  (I don’t have collars for the cats with any ID.  To late to buy now, but maybe I need to figure out something so they each have ID.) 

Also should know where I can go with the zoo.  I can’t go to my sister-in-law because her dog hates dogs, my Mother-in-law’s cat would freak out, so next step would be a shelter.  Who will take all of us?  I better start working on that since the wind and the rain are here.

This is really hard.  Even when we have been without electricity or heat before for more than a week, we have never left the animals, and we never will.  One big winter storm we lost 2 out of 4 large tanks of fish, because they got to cold.  Now with the generator hopefully that won’t happen again.  But, one must be prepared.

Please be safe wherever you are.

Keep you loved ones close and your animals out of harms way too.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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10.21.12 Its Not My Fault!

Nine here.  I want to let you know that everyone seems to blame me around the zoo, but things are really not my fault.  You see I am a very active young man and I just like to have fun.  Just because I chase the girls, literally, and push around the old man, does not mean that I am bad.  I just think it is fun to watch them all run down the hall and hide from me.  Ok, so I did figure out how to jump from the kitchen counter to the top of the pantry, and then over to the top of the refrigerator, where the humans were hiding 3 full unopened bags of cat food, and then proceeded to open them, oh so nicely, and help myself to a little bit from each.  Now really, what is wrong with a snack? They want me to grow up and be independent, don’t they?  The sign on the fridge says “Dinner won’t make itself,” so I figured I would make it for us.

It is just not fair that I get blamed whenever something is broken, or missing, or there is a cat fight going on.  Just because I am usually in the middle of it, does not mean I started it.  And no Mom, I did not eat that $105 check you have been looking for all month.  Really, stop blaming me for everything.  I think I will run away with Sofie Bear and join the circus, this zoo is just crazy.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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10.10.12 SuperSized Noel: Dealing With Cat Fat

All that blogging last week was exhausting

When I came home from this last trip it appeared to me that Noël gained about 5 lbs.  People had said she was a ‘big’ cat, but I guess I just did not see it.

It is a very hard job maintaining order in the zoo.   Everyone is always demanding something: food, attention,  affection (the usual). But what I have noticed of late with the cat pack is that the inmates seem to be running the asylum (*see note below).  What I mean is that everything appears to be topsy-turvy or upside down, where the animals are telling the humans what to do and when. The normal routine of life is being disturbed by the constant pleading and manipulation of the animals, which has escalated to a fever pitch.  This extends to multiple things, but mostly it is around FOOD.

Obesity in animals is a very large problem (no pun intended).  Even a pound (kilo) of weight on their small frames can shorten their lives and add to health issues (I mostly worry about heart, joint, and diabetes). Trying to balance feeding for 5 cats at very different stages of their lives is becoming a full-time job. Muffy needs to eat all the time to keep up his geriatric weight of 4 lbs; the youngsters, Nine and Stella, need a higher amount of calories because they are so active; and the middle-aged cats, Noël and Kitty, each have different consumption needs – Noël cleaning everyone’s plate and Kitty eating just enough.

Solving weight and exercise issues when you are a multi-animal household is hard.  You need to get every member of the family to take part to get control of the situation.  I know that over weight animals, if there is no underlying health problem, get that way from consuming to many calories and/or lack of exercise.   So, the food has to be controlled.

All the science and psychology and medical/vet things around how to feed and even what to feed seem to be based on a one animal at a time basis.  Balancing the health needs of 7 animals (5 cats & 2 dogs), all at different growth levels, is a challenge.  I really don’t want to be buying 3 or 4 different cat foods and then spend every Sunday apportioning who can have what and when for the week.  That thought makes me shutter.  There must be an easier way???? 

“Here Noël, come have some celery and carrots with Mommy.”

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤

*I do not know the origin of the expression, “the inmates are running the asylum,” but in the old days, people with mental or emotional problems were locked up in a ‘insane or lunatic asylum.‘  It would be politically correct to call them ‘Mental Hospitals’ today, but they were by no means helping the patients to get on with their lives in a healthy way (which is my definition of a hospital).  They were more like dead-end prisons for people in society that the rest of the world could not figure out how to deal with.  You can imagine the chaos when the people in charge lost control of what was supposed to be happening in such a facility. Sadly, that is how I feel at the moment around feeding time at the zoo.


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