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10.13.12 Fall Has Come

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Fall in the Chesapeake Bay region is absolutely lovely.  The dogs stick their noses in the air and prance with an abandon like no other time of the year.  Pine cones, sticks, and crazy squirrels keep them busy.  They help me put the gardens ‘to bed’ and enjoy digging some new places for me to plant next year.  It is sad to see the annuals die off but I am always glad to see a volunteer pull through the winter and surprise me the next season. For example those incredible Elephant Ears.  I am not sure how that one got there since I do not remember planting them in that spot, but we do always have some in a pot on the deck.  Maybe we threw a root over in the pile and it took hold.  V just bought some black ones that we will winter over in the house and then see if they can WOW us next season like this astounding offering.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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9.5.12 Buddliea and Butterflies

I can not help myself. Right now, there are so many beautiful butterflies in the garden that they are overwhelming me. Yellow Swallowtail, 2 kinds of black, some orange Monarchs, and a new one today – a Variegated Fritillary.  We have lots of brown skippers and white cabbage moths too.  They come right up and land on everything.  They dance in groups and in pairs.  It is like an amazing choreography of life – just for us.  So, I had to take a short video with my silly smartphone to share with you, so that you might catch a glimpse of the incredible dance along with me.  The butterflies entertain us for hours.  We have planted for many years to maximize the butterflies and birds in the garden.  The pool is surrounded by Buddleia, also known as ‘Butterfly Bush.’  We have a red, white, pink, light purple, and black night purple.  Our grove blooms all summer, so it is nonstop color and show.  These deciduous shrubs are so easy to grow and always have a wonderful fragrance and a swarm of butterflies around them.  The elongated flowers grow in clusters on arching branches that can get maybe 10 or 12 feet high (unless you cut them back – which is a good idea or they get leggy).  I like the willow-like foliage that is a grayish green color and is pretty dense.  The white Buddleia was here when we moved in (she must be at least 15 years old telling by her main stalk) and we have added 5 colors around her. 

A new visitor today, just for you – Variegated Fritillary.

Make sure to tap this picture once with your pointer, so that you can get a close up and see his incredible colors. This is one of our Black Swallowtails.

Do you bring any interesting insects or creatures to your garden?  Do you plant for anyone special (besides yourself and dogs and cats of course)?  Yes, I do grow catnip.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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1.9.12 21:34: Muddog


Sofie the Muddog

Sofie the Muddog 2

Today I want to talk about Sofie’s need to dig holes everywhere she possibly can; especially if there is a nice planting near by.  And, once dug, she likes to lie in her holes and defend them against the world.

Sofie in a hole

You need to understand that I am starting to get yelled at (a lot) for what is becoming a major construction site vs. our beautiful garden.  We are actually a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.  We are part of a worldwide network of mini-refuges.  Because of our careful planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife can find quality habitat (food, water, cover and places to raise their young) on our property.  We are very proud of this.  But now we have Sofie.  Sofie Bear the excavator.  Sofie the hole digger.  Sofie the MUDDOG!

I can not say Louise is blameless.  She came in this morning with dirt on her snout too!  But the instigator is YOU KNOW WHO!  Even in the grass she digs holes. Conspiring to destroy years of hard work.

Let's dig here Lulu

To be honest, years of drought in the Mid-Atlantic has not helped my yard. I am starting to live on sand because all the topsoil is washing away every time it rains .  I think it is really hard to discourage digging behavior when the soil is so easy (and fun) to dig. Also, I think there is a mole under the lawn (noted by the tunnels).  And, I think Sofie’s lawn digging may have started with trying to get the silly underground moving thing. (Have you ever seen a mole or a shrew?  They are truly not nice looking creatures (down right ugly!).  Their poor lives are spent trying to get to the light only to be blinded by it. Now that is a weird existence.)


I figure digging is just Sofie’s nature, since she has tons of toys and gets lots of exercise.  I probably should never let her out in the fenced yard unattended, but she digs even when I am there,  She just likes to dig,  In the dog park, visiting other dogs, on a walk.  Really, she is a Muddog.  By now you may have figured out that I have never had any dog like Sofie; she whines, she digs, she does not listen to any commands.  In my old age, the Great Spirit must have sent me this little soul to teach me something (other than frustration) but I have not figured out what the lesson is yet (besides pure love). Some people are suggesting a sandbox of her own (put how do you keep that clean from the foxes and other animals?) and some have suggested placing her own feces in the holes (which may work but won’t she just dig a new one?).

I have to figure it out before I have to order a truck load of topsoil to fix her current projects, or worse, a truck load of concrete!  Just another dogdaz afternoon at the zoo!


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