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Monday Mischief: Leave My Bed Alone!

I know that it has only been since July that Jolie has come to live with us, which in dog time is not long. This has been a very big change for a dog that lived 6-1/2 years in a cage with other dogs and only went out maybe once a day.

Jolie is very protective of her kennel. She especially does not want me to clean the mat or the blankets. Maybe she is afraid of losing them? Maybe there was only a cold floor in her previous one?

I gave her Louise’s sheepskin to keep her warm and she loves it. Lulu came with that sheepskin from her foster when she was a puppy and around here we pass things forward when we can.

Jolie has started to disappear into her kennel whenever she hears loud noises or voices. It is her safe space. But recently she puts herself to bed around 8:30 PM and just stays in there. I am so glad that she has a place she feels safe in, but sorry, baby, Mom’s gonna wash those smelly blankets.

What kind of mischief did you get into today?

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.11.12 Good Work, Girls; You Make Mommy Proud

I am so proud of the dogs.  This week I have left them alone twice for increasing longer periods of time in the house, out of their kennels. First it was for about 2 hours.  But today I had to go visiting and to dinner, and I knew that I would be gone a long time because I had to drive over an hour away.  I locked the kittens and crazy Miss Kitty away so that they could not get into trouble; I gave everyone a really good snack (because I knew that I would be late for dinner); and I left (I don’t believe in making a fuss or they will fuss).  I was gone 5 1/2 hours.  This is a first for me and for the dogs.  I have never left them unsupervised, out of their kennels for that long.  On my way home I was envisioning shredded couch pillows, ala Wonderbutt, or chewed up pens with ink everywhere, or a dead cat (though Noel would more likely kill them before they would get her or Muffin).  But, other than mauling me at the front door, they were great.  This is so exciting.  I hate to go out for more than maybe 3 hours when I have to leave them in the kennels, though I have left them as many as 6 hours.  They probably just sleep, but I worry about stiffness and such, even though they can stand and turn around.   I really want them to be able to be out, except at night, and that really is because they like to wake me up to play at weird times (which I attribute partially to the fact that they are not usually out at night when I am sleeping, but also because they are not allowed on the bed, so they need to get close to me somehow).  This is a new phase at the zoo.  Free roaming canines.  I like it and I hope they keep up the good work.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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