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2.21.13 Thankful Thursday: Peace Love & Whiskers Shined On Us


We are Thankful today for Peace, Love, & Whiskers, an amazing blog about amazing animals.


Peace, Love, & Whiskers takes extra special care of some extra special pussy cats and doggies and provides us out here in the blogosphere with wonderful interviews.  You really need to go visit.  Thank you PL&W for the great work you do in highlighting kitties and doggies  that need special care and love.  Several of the DogDaz rescues, canine, feline, and guinea, have all needed a little extra love to get through their days, but they have brought us tremendous joy.  The Muffin Man, our orange and white Tom, had heart disease his whole life (2 pills a day), and was the king of our castle.  Miss Constance Kitty was born with a crooked spine, but did great with it in her early years – until the pain got to be too much.  Squash E. Bear was a two times a day insulin diabetic, who eventually went blind, but he and I would still walk a few miles every day.  Mr. Motto, the king of Guinea Pigs, had pneumonia almost immediately upon adoption.  It was very touch and go for over a month, but he lived another 7 years. Noel, the Christmas cat, has feline Herpes but she is doing great and just turned 6 last week.   So thank you Peace, Love, & Whiskers for taking up the cause of the animals that need a little extra love.

liebsterawardPL&W bestowed upon us 2 awards; the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Award.  We are honored and thankful for that too.

Since we have been very lucky to receive these awards before, we hope you don’t mind but you can find our previous responses to the questions on our Awards page.  We love all awards and appreciate them, but Mom is running out of time to get her work done, take care of the zoo, and still write the blog, so she is trying to economize where she can,

We would like to bestow on Peace, Love, & Whiskers the coveted DogDaz Pick Of The Litter Award, for all the great things you do.


You get to pick any award you would like from our Awards page – because you are our pick of the litter!     


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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3.7.13 Thankful Thursday: Thanks 3Moggies

Three of my favorite blog cats, Oscar, Henry, and Archie, were so kind to bestow upon us an award called the Liebster Award.  If you do not know them yet (which I think is almost impossible for anyone following kitty blogs) check in on them at: My Three Moggies.  


The Moogies asked us the following questions to qualify for the Liebster Award and Noel, the Christmas Cat, is going to answer for the zoo, since she is the oldest and, of course, a cat:

liebster-award (1)

1 – Out of the three Moggies which is your favourite?  Archie, because he is almost all white, like me.

2 – What is your favourite treat?  Roasted chicken

3 – If you was not the animal you are now what would you have liked to have been? A white tiger

4 – Prefer cats or dogs? Now that is a silly question: Cats Rule – Dogs Drool

5 – Who is your super hero? Simon’s Cat

6 – Do you get the opportunity to sleep with humans? I could, but the babies are on Mom’s bed, Nine and Stella, so I tend to stay in the hall and watch over everyone.  The goofy dogs are in their kennels, thank goodness.  I wake Mom up sometimes but that is very rare.

7 – How old are you? I am 6 years old today (according to my adoption records)

8 – What is an average day for you? Sleep, eat breakfast in my special spot, sleep, bother Mommy (like I am doing right now in front of the computer screen so that she can not see what she is typing), sleep some more in the office with Mommy while she works, eat dinner in my special spot, sit with Mommy and watch TV, sleep, have a before bed snack on the kitchen floor after the dogs go to bed, sleep in the hall outside Mommy’s room to make sure that everyone is safe.  

9 – Are you a clean animal? White cats are impeccably clean!

10 – What are you having for dinner tonight? Some Wellness dry, mixed with some Friskies Wet and water.  

Thank you my friends.  And now to nominate 3 bloggers who I would like to know more about:

Bacon, of PigLove 

Speedy, of SpeedyRabbit  

Roxy, of @RoxyTrvlingDog 

The questions we have for you are:

1. What is your favorite hiding place?

2. If you could talk to your human for 5 minutes in their language, what would you say?

3. What is your most favorite food?

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

5. Do you have a hero?

6.  Do you have a bed time?

7.  What makes you laugh?

8.  What do you do that makes others laugh?

9.  Does anything scare you?

10.  Do you know how to dance?

Thank you Archie, Henry, and Oscar – this was fun.  

– Love Noel, the Christmas Cat, and the rest of the DogDaz zoo: Louise, Sofie, Nine, Stella, and Mom

Noel Winter 08

Noel Winter 08


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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2.21.13 Thankful Thursday: Love Smiles

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy

Loving and being loved is so incredibly important to my being.  I figure it is probably important to every being – human and animal (probably plants too).  The other evening I was feeling my usual Mommy guilt because I still can not walk the dogs, so I got down on the floor for a good session of tickle the dogs, and Louise, Sofie and I spent about 30 minutes in a message, scratching, cuddling, (biting each other), rolling session.  It has been a long time since I have seen Louise grin in that special safe way that she does only for me.  She has this little ecstasy grin.  A grin that says “I am in a place that is so special, so safe, that I can relax (for a moment).”  Getting a smile from Louise is extra special because she doesn’t do it often. 

241907_3921861400914_838892707_oSofie is my smiler.  She smiles at everything.  It doesn’t take much to make that girl happy.  But Lulu, she is the challenge.  She never lets her guard down and it is hard to know when she is happy.  My dogs are a true mix of me.  I smile all the time (like Sofie), but very few people know when I am really happy (like Louise).  That is because, like Louise, I almost never relax or let my guard down.  

Here is today’s lesson from my dogs (the animals teach me so much).  My greatest happiness is in the moment.  It is when I am doing things like showing love (like the cuddle fest we had).  At times like that I am thinking of nothing but the cuddle or romp with the dogs. I am focused on the pure moment; relaxed and safe,  If the dogs had the camera instead of me, I think you would have seen who was really smiling.  My dogs make me feel safe, they relax me, they protect me, and most of all, they teach me what I need to do and how to do it.  To find greater happiness and relaxation, I only need listen to the animals.  

Thank you Lulu Belle and Sofie Bear.        


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Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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10.28.12 Smiling DogDaz

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about dog smiles. Squash was a big smiler.  I used to really feel special when he would give me that silly big dog grin of his.

Sofie has the cutest smile.  She just has that happy doggy-ness that seems to exude from her.  You just want to hug her.

Louise’s smile will melt you if you are lucky enough to be one of the few people that she will show it too.  She smiles from ear to ear when she is happy and it is just so…. doggone cute!

Show me your Sunday smiler – leave a link in the comments to your pet’s best smile.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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