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Black and White Sunday: Kitteness


Mini Cooper in the window.  She keeps typing on my keyboard.  She even walked on the phone and hung up a call I was on.  I forgot how much fun kittens were.  She eats 24X7 and follows us everywhere.  Love Love Love.  That’s all I can say.

Happy Sunday!



This is part of the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop. Thanks to Dachshund Nola and Sugar for hosting.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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Sunday’s Cartoon

I had to remove the wonderful Peanut’s cartoon that was posted here about love because it is copyrighted and I mistakenly posted without permission.

Bad, DogDaz! Bad! I am in the dog house.  Here is a coupon for you just in case this happens to you.




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2.21.13 Thankful Thursday: Peace Love & Whiskers Shined On Us


We are Thankful today for Peace, Love, & Whiskers, an amazing blog about amazing animals.


Peace, Love, & Whiskers takes extra special care of some extra special pussy cats and doggies and provides us out here in the blogosphere with wonderful interviews.  You really need to go visit.  Thank you PL&W for the great work you do in highlighting kitties and doggies  that need special care and love.  Several of the DogDaz rescues, canine, feline, and guinea, have all needed a little extra love to get through their days, but they have brought us tremendous joy.  The Muffin Man, our orange and white Tom, had heart disease his whole life (2 pills a day), and was the king of our castle.  Miss Constance Kitty was born with a crooked spine, but did great with it in her early years – until the pain got to be too much.  Squash E. Bear was a two times a day insulin diabetic, who eventually went blind, but he and I would still walk a few miles every day.  Mr. Motto, the king of Guinea Pigs, had pneumonia almost immediately upon adoption.  It was very touch and go for over a month, but he lived another 7 years. Noel, the Christmas cat, has feline Herpes but she is doing great and just turned 6 last week.   So thank you Peace, Love, & Whiskers for taking up the cause of the animals that need a little extra love.

liebsterawardPL&W bestowed upon us 2 awards; the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Award.  We are honored and thankful for that too.

Since we have been very lucky to receive these awards before, we hope you don’t mind but you can find our previous responses to the questions on our Awards page.  We love all awards and appreciate them, but Mom is running out of time to get her work done, take care of the zoo, and still write the blog, so she is trying to economize where she can,

We would like to bestow on Peace, Love, & Whiskers the coveted DogDaz Pick Of The Litter Award, for all the great things you do.


You get to pick any award you would like from our Awards page – because you are our pick of the litter!     


This is part of the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop from


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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2.21.13 Thankful Thursday: Love Smiles

Happy Happy Happy

Happy Happy Happy

Loving and being loved is so incredibly important to my being.  I figure it is probably important to every being – human and animal (probably plants too).  The other evening I was feeling my usual Mommy guilt because I still can not walk the dogs, so I got down on the floor for a good session of tickle the dogs, and Louise, Sofie and I spent about 30 minutes in a message, scratching, cuddling, (biting each other), rolling session.  It has been a long time since I have seen Louise grin in that special safe way that she does only for me.  She has this little ecstasy grin.  A grin that says “I am in a place that is so special, so safe, that I can relax (for a moment).”  Getting a smile from Louise is extra special because she doesn’t do it often. 

241907_3921861400914_838892707_oSofie is my smiler.  She smiles at everything.  It doesn’t take much to make that girl happy.  But Lulu, she is the challenge.  She never lets her guard down and it is hard to know when she is happy.  My dogs are a true mix of me.  I smile all the time (like Sofie), but very few people know when I am really happy (like Louise).  That is because, like Louise, I almost never relax or let my guard down.  

Here is today’s lesson from my dogs (the animals teach me so much).  My greatest happiness is in the moment.  It is when I am doing things like showing love (like the cuddle fest we had).  At times like that I am thinking of nothing but the cuddle or romp with the dogs. I am focused on the pure moment; relaxed and safe,  If the dogs had the camera instead of me, I think you would have seen who was really smiling.  My dogs make me feel safe, they relax me, they protect me, and most of all, they teach me what I need to do and how to do it.  To find greater happiness and relaxation, I only need listen to the animals.  

Thank you Lulu Belle and Sofie Bear.        


This is part of the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop from


Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.24.12 Leaving Day

Aunt Judi’s service dog, Socki

Horse Camp


Squash Hug 2007
First Day of School

Leaving day is finally upon us.









I enter this day knowing that I did everything I could to love, teach and mentor a worldly aware citizen of the universe.  Now it is up to her and to the ‘Great Powers’ to protect her and guide her on the next part of the journey.  She told me I am not allowed to cry.  I am not sure I can do that.

Louise Hug 2011

Nine Snuggle

NOT Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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8.6.12 You Know ‘The Look’

Have you ever sat there and looked at your child, or your lover, and just had this kind of stare that is just made up of pure love.  You know that look; the one that says, no matter what happens at any other point in time, this point is perfect, and you are just the being that I want to be near.  This is the look that I have for my daughter when she is just looking a certain way or doing something, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy and mommyish inside.  That unconditional, no matter what, love and adoration.  Well, that is how Louise and Sofie have been looking at me since I got home.  I can not go anywhere without them of course attached to my side.  But the looks… the I must be in your presence, you are the center of my being, kind of looks.  Now, I really do not feel that I deserve this undying devotion.  Come on, dogs, I just left you for 10 days, why aren’t you mad at me or something?  Instead, they just want to kiss me and snuggle, and rub deep against me.  There is so much that is said in a look.  I think that is why the virtual world craves pictures so much.  People really want to ‘look’ at things.  They want to see the form and the movement.  Even though we may be disconnected in space and time, beings want to look at each other.  Ok, I know that people that do not have sight may not have this concept, but I bet (I don’t have anyone I can ask so I am guessing), that they have, in their own unsighted way, ‘the look’ that I am talking about.  Come to think of it, Squash E Bear, when totally blind, used to tilt his head to me in that kind of ‘I love you and will follow you anywhere forever’ look.  Look back at this picture of me, Lulu, and Squash and see if you don’t agree?  I find it incredible that the animals can sit and stare at me that way.  Noel does it too, but not Muffy, Kitty, or the others.  Is it love? Is it obedience?  Do animals look at each other that way?  Do they stare at their young the way that I do mine?  Sometimes, I guess I stare at the animals that way too.  Like when I took this picture of Louise yesterday.  She is watching Sofie on the other side of the deck with a rope toy.  I was struck by her musculature, her calmness, and her beauty.  I probably had ‘the look’ in my eyes when I took the shot.  I guess maybe next time I will turn the camera around and see.

Just another DogDaz morning at the zoo ❤


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People Products That Support Pet Rescue

I am reblogging a post from our blog friend For the Love of My Dogs.  If you are going to buy this stuff anyway, why not help save a life?

There are a few online stores where a portion of your purchase will go directly to support rescue and shelter dogs. Both the ASPCA Store and the Animal Rescue Site Store have products for both pets and people. Check out a recent review of pet products that support animal rescue by clicking here.

The following products for people cost the same amount as at any other store and products range from gifts for pet lovers and awareness products to clothing, jewelry and more. Browse the following suggestions or visit their websites to browse for yourself.

The ASPCA Store– A portion of every donation goes to help rescue pets and organizations around the country. Up to 40% of each purchase goes to rescue and adoption efforts!

ASPCA wristband $5.99- This orange wristband promotes animal awareness and is a great conversation starter. “Go Orange For Animals” with this Armstrong-like silicone bracelet.

Always in My Heart Pewter Memorial Necklace $19.99- This pewter colored memorial necklace comes with the inscription “Always in my heart” and features a black paw. A wonderful way to remember and honor your departed pet, as a portion of the proceeds go to save other pups who need help.

Dog Awareness Water Bottle $8.99- Fight animal cruelty with this dog awareness water bottle, great for hiking, the gym, office or everyday. The water bottle is white with a dog shadow and the words “Animals can’t dial 911 but you can” inscribed. A must-have for any animal activist—and it’s dishwasher safe!

Anti Puppy Mills T-Shirt $24.99-$26.99- This black shirt with white screen-printing has a cartoon image of a dog peeing on a puppy mill in the distance. It’s a cute shirt and a great way to be bold and start a meaningful conversation!

Animals Asleep Book for Kids $12.99- A cool book for kids ages 4-8, this book features a friendly, fact-filled story about how different animals sleep. An award-winning children’s book, this is a must-have for any young animal enthusiast!

The Animal Rescue Site Store– Every purchase directly supports rescue animals and pets in shelters. Each purchase directly purchases food and care for these pets in need.

All Over Paws Socks $4.95- These cute socks some in a variety of colors and have small paw prints all over. Each pair purchased funds 14 bowls of dog food!

Paws Galore Magnetic Notepad $6..95- Use this cute paw-print notepad on any magnetic surface, especially the refrigerator! The cute design features multi-colored paw prints and lots of room for writing notes and reminders.

Pillow Pals $19.95- A wonderful toy for kids, these Pillow Pals are soft, colorful and comfy. Choose from a butterfly, monkey, panda, puppy or shark. These cute animals are half pillow, half stuffed animal and are 100% fun for all kids!

Pup Upcycled Plastic Shopping Bag $19.95- These oversized bags are great for shopping. Completely washable and reusable, these Shopping Bags come from materials that would have otherwise gone in a landfill. Be green by using this bag for various shopping needs while displaying your love for dogs!

Wipe Your Paws Indoor Mat $16.95- A fun, colorful rug, this doggy rug is great to place inside your dog’s favorite door. Features words “Wipe Your Paws” in a funky font and is 20’’ x 30’’ in size.


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